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Changes in new WC3L season

"Each clan must appoint two solo players per clanwar who will play four 1on1-matches:
1.As in tennis, the first seeded player will play against the second seeded player in the beginning.
2.Afterwards the 2on2 will be played with two members of each team (either solo players or a different 2on2 team).
3.Finally, No. 1 seeds of both teams will be playing against each other, just like both No. 2 seeds.

To maintain the traditional seeding aspect of the WC3L the first map of every Best-of-Three match will be predetermined randomly."


What a disaster...but maybe it's only because team sponsors are out of money.


Now every pro gamers will be under the pressure of whethey they can stay with their teams. Also I can't see this change will simply result in more teams with a small roster.


12/12/08 18:34 #10
xlo Sasuke Such crap, nice thing about wc3l was that managers had to make strategic choices for a match and that a teams lineup is crucial for the victory. Also the big amount of players was nice to see. Now we will see the same players play over and over and over and over ><


And if the players are enough responsible and capable of managing a cw,then the minimum number of team members will be just 2...


The change was necessary I guess as very few teams are going to have enough money to keep an entire team of players. But this will benefit all those teams with 2 very good players rather than those who had 4 decent players.
Let's wait and see how many players will be released in the near future as a huge roster isn't necessary anymore.


Well, i don't know why , but i feel some important changes are coming too in wc3l, mostly because of the bad connection between the european, american and asian players. maybe there will be euro-wc3l, asian-wc3l, then more teams can take part in the league, top4 or top2 of each continential wc3l can get a slot of playoff. it sounds not that bad.... xD


lol total bullshit. wc3l teams with just 2 players anyone? You've got to be kidding me.


i think admi of wc3l got no choice but do some extremely changes...


yeah they are killing Undead for good, because no matter what they will have to play against an orc at least once.
An extreme change indeed.


stupid but neccessary changes..


you really manage to bring up your fucking bullshit about orc imba everytime, no matter what subject we are talking about, do you? idiot..


it's just the sad truth, you noob orc.

quoting senar: "And this is also a terrible news for the races representation, for example which top team will be crazy enough to keep an undead in its roster when you know that mym got grubby, sk got lyn, mtw has who ... shit news for the community, we wont get to see newcomers in wc3l it seems"

Do you really want to say Orc vs Undead isn't the most imbalanced matchup there is and has been in the history of wc3?


i remember when they changed it from 2 2on2s to just 1; everybody was screaming Noooo, etc... ! And now the most dont even watch 2on2; this changes are really big, and necessary as some allready said. The wc3l admins like Baschi, Shawn etc... are long enough in this business to know what they are doing, and believe me, they've thought long about this steps, and if they wouldnt believe this will work fine, they wouldn't do it!


but still it's sad...


back then it was necessary because teams like mouz with two unbeatable 2on2 teams were able to take out teams like WCB consisting of some of the best players at that time.
But a similarity is that like back then when clans couldn't manage a roaster with 4 players just for the 2on2 matches (most of them no names just to fill the spots and avoid deflosses) nowadays clans don't seem to be able to manage teams with more than 4 players.

I wonder what this move means for the big teams. MYM and Sk are overstaffed with good players now.


Okay, I've understood, no more undeads.


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