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Favorite Dutch player?

My favorites:
1. JakarTa - twR bigdaddy
2. iZi - Best dutch elf
3. ArminvB - Biggest retard
4. CherryMooN - best RT player
5. Grubby - Eat the worm haters
6. DeSnoDeSnoDaard - rly cute
7. FeRoCiouS - Sexyest player
8. Vivalaviv - She got boobs
9. Infantriest - Gangsta gangsta Den Haag
10. Rotterdam - Why name urself after a crappy city? ;D


-1 to op


I second that.


Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink


Grubby ofc


i will go with number five :> i laugh every time when I see the guy on the forums here writing "Eat the worm motherfuckers grubby is the man" haha


eat the worm mother fucker ! Grubby is the man !


ok it's Grubby..




Ruud van Nistelrooy


It's Sasuke ofc


who? me? LOL


Sasuke-twR- best elf
Sasuke-twR - best orc
Sasuke-twR - best human
Sasuke-twR - best ud


Sasuke-twR- best elf
Sasuke-twR - best orc
Sasuke-twR - best human
Sasuke-twR - best ud


[x] thumb down thread


failed to be funny, close.


Just mad ur low on the list / arent on the list at all imo.


Agreed there. First time Rotti does not finish top 2 in NL and he can't take it =)




1. Me
2. Jippe
3. E.k.
4. Micxors

Legendary 4v4 team


sux that my boobs didnt got me higher on the list :P
& sucks to be on a lower place then ferocious, he just sucks big time.
gotta love the dutchies tho :D *go rotti* :p


lame imo...
I am by far the sexiest player in the world and i only got rank 7 in Netherlands..? bad imo.. should be nr.1...


if it was a list for players with the biggest ego yes.. :D


not ego..selfconfidence is something else


lol @ viv :D nice one


Rotti is a legend !




definitly not sasuke.


9 for me




Dirk Kuyt




Bill Gates right?? could be so wrong but


Grubby / Rotterdam






Grubby and rotterdam : D


if-22 :D


Grubby and Rotterdam.




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