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Most annoying people in Bnet

My top3:

sTa.Rob (SickSickerSta)

Whats urs?


the ony guy who is permanently spamming "xD ^^ tt", really annoying
sicksickermaphacker also and actually any elf who is whining how imba orc is


the maphackers like i(i


Shins- is this the guy with the blood mage ? :D haha


the ones calling u rice korean :S






shins is from egypt?

this guy, god damn i hate my brother : ( always eating at mcdoanlds


shins- , yeah baby 12k games and still some uber newb.Thats what I call talent !




russians ofc lol...


sasuke is pretty damn annoying to me.


People who don't say 'gl' or 'hf' at the start. I dunno why, but it really really annoys me for some reason. I'm not cool enough/high enough level to know the guys you're all talking about T_T Well, apart from Sasuke since he posts here :P


Then its working, you think people who don't type anything is annoying. Most likely they think guy who doesn't type is arrogant bastard and you try to beat him all it takes, granting very good games.


sasuke = elakeduck when it comes to manner, whines likes no other.


Mostly everyone who talks the whole game:
"Hi", "from?", "how old r u?", "omg lucker", "noob", "more luck plz", fu", "imba human", "die plz", "hahahahaha", "lern 2 play"

I wish there was a command to just turn off the chat, because sometimes you simply can't figure out your opponents name (or just don't have the time), if it is something like: K0ll1337O0bm6lI


yeah sometimes in RT "hi me rus" "you from?" "give me 100 gold¨! (even if i play human)" "share, share, share!" "omg my ally so noob" .. ;/


thats why you dont play rt unless youre really bored and wanna play some funstrats!

frenchies are nice in solo but annoying in rt, cause most of them are not able to speak anything besides french :D
i hate people who just say "hf" in the start, i think its quite arrogant.

just say gg in the beginning and in the end if you think it was a good game, thats how i like it


the best games chatwise, are those where the chatlog is just: " gl hf " " gg "
except something extraordinary happens


i dont like people who writes "gl hf" in the begining of a ladder game (1v1) and then they flame as fuck and doesnt even write "gg", i dont like players who fake manners!


and i dont like players who writes "gg" when they think they "win", the "loser" is always able to do a come back! ;D


bem mass hunt gamer heh saske? :D


People who annoy me? Naggers!


don't play ladder since they removed my race


shins is a mass gamer but certainly not a noob. Okay, maybe for the amount of games he plays he is, but he beat some good people and has some unique strats. I always wonder when some pro will play his Bloodmage strat.


Anyone can beat someone ONCE with that many games, also i doubt most people will take him seriously after they view his profile. The guy just sucks xD


@sasuke: okay, point taken :D

I just can't believe he hacks. He didn't hack 1-2 years ago. I played some custom 1on1s vs him back then.


"ok" like u are pro?


No but better then that guy for sure


shins hacks. (1440th)

orcs who maphack on LT are the most annoying ~_~


The ppl who start with "lu" or "))"
and Monkeypowah. because he's always talking in caps.
and all of the nld-1 peons. since they think they're very though when they flame you from behind their pc's... and all the hackers... and all the elfplayers.
Did I forgot someone? hm.. ;D


None...since I stopped playing :D ... eZ life.


wow ur so cool

yes u are!


I usually thought the people who don't talk are the toughest and smartest opponents. Talking is so useless sometimes, especially when the game starts out with "hi hf :D:D:D" and ends with "noob imba fuck u and your mom, can you give win? *hides buildings*"


sometimes that happens to me.. first my opponent is mannerd and stuff and boom! he flames =/


anyway what about this new maphack :o? when you play RT, your ally shares control with you at the very first second of the game, and he can reveal parts of the map so that even I can see it oO
.. imo those cheaters always talk the worst shit.. like they always say what I should do etc.


Chat is a part of the game, you like it or not. In my oppinion it should be totally acceptable to try to manipulate by chatting, just like it is acceptable to play Orc for example. For sure it may give you an unfare advantage, and the game will be less about who has the better micro/macro, but that's just something you have to live with.

Personally I hate all the people who talk trash about how 4v4 rt is only for noobs. Yes, its a very good game type for noobs and other people who like 50% stats, but once you try to get 90%+ stats it becomes a lot harder. I guess the criticizers are more interested in the first kind...


if im concentrated i dont even see the chat.

anyways gamlasonn is pretty damn annoying in ladder, espescially since he now plays elf on "gamlaskills" .. he thinks its so easy to win with elf but in reality he sucks




Players with IDs like : IIIIIIlllllIIIIlIlIlllI annoys me always. Can't stats them and lose their account forever after a few days failing to remember their ID.


hmmm I don't hate a specific player... but a combination of the following

-Night Elf
-If U win they call u a noob and a lucker, if U lose they laugh at u because ur a noob -.-''


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