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Best wc3 video ive seen for long


The link might be quite slow ill try uploading it on youtube. But its definitely worth the buffering time I promise.


It's pretty good but a lot of the plays have been featured before. I just wish bad music wouldn't always be used in these videos. Whoever thought Chinese rap would be a good idea is an idiot.


well the video was intended to be presented to mainly chinese audience and to feature certain chinese cultural background (namely Sun Wu's Thirty-Six Stratagems) so the songs actually quite fit in the theme....if you understand what they are saying.

that said, i didnt like the second rap very much.

i think if the chinese annotations could have been translated you might find the video a lot more interesting...but in the many vods ive seen i rarely saw these many crazy micros packed in a package, esp the elf zepplin moves(that was th000), and the mana pendant switching to save panda from getting killed. the second episode of this video series will be released soon if im not mistaken.


lol at the ivory tower escape artist :D


right, what we need is more videos with Linkin Park music in them.

Good video, the wisp killing the peon and the ivory tower jumps were nice.


nice video but sound was't very good


Awesome video + Songs. Jay Chou S2


thx Pato ,just searched song name :P...was easy when you know group they sing in Brazil? there is no samba! :P


the first song's name is HuoYuanJia , it's Jay Chou's song.


Really nice vid :D The music was cool even tho i don't like rap in some parts but this was awesome!


Did someone noticed there was almost nothing about undead?! I remember 2 moves. one vs elf, the elf owning the undead with zepp. The second one, still vs elf, the undead killed beastmaster whereas is liche had almost no hp ( with a very nice hit and run ) but then he also died.

Stop undead racism.


nice work there :> really enjoyed this


the ivory tower jump and elf zeppiln move are both from th000
ill post the second edition of this video series as soon as its available


Not bad at all. The music was listenable (barely), but didn't really fit the mood of the action imo. Still, a nice change from nu metal.
That will probably help in unserstanding the content. In the page, you can find the same Chinese words' explanations for every stratagem although the order is different.


The Beastmaster/Naga zeppelin action in the undead base was pretty awesome haha


great video. some moves were pretty sick. enjoyed watching it :)
missed the names of the players in english (they might be there in chinese) would be nice to know who made those moves.


yep, nice video


WOW! The orc saving grunts in his base vs the DH was just awesome. Any idea who that was?


that was fly if i remember correctly


it's really a nice video ,
if you guys know about chinese culture it will be better


than you can tell us(songs etc...),so we can "enjoy" even more ;)!!! nice video,orc move saving 2 "dead" grunts in base was awesome,
but i think
is "little" better.....


T_T streaming sites = horrible quality


What are the names of the songs? I liked them.


@tod2172: Thanks. Gonna download it. Haha. Just saw the YouTube video of it. It's apparently the OST of the Jet Li movie Fearless. Sweet.


this video was awesome just awesome


it's still awesome!


DragoniZer bumping threads again


Really nice video.

Maybe someone rehost it on youtube or sk-gaming ?
That chinese site is so damn slow.




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