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Favorite Brazillian player?

Pato for me.




??.... stay ontopic plz...


baloo the bear for me


Skyward & Pato ofc =)


the random guy (Myst ?) that took down ToD on WCG (?)


Moska : D




lol TargA left wicked and on news they gave him argentina flag


he just like eat argentinian steaks!


Pato ofc !!!


Ronaldo > Rts games.


ahhah PATO




Pato > Rob :D


Ronaldinho and Kaka !




Pato ofc


RBotaP obviously


Robinho and Diego


pato ofc


I like SexOnzePh0ne he is awesome and g*y at the same time :O


Matta, the undead guy that posts on this forum, simply because he can handle human on big maps well.


i think rivaldo is good.


kaka ftw~~~~ =)))


Rivaldo ftw


I thought rotti didn't troll ;d




MysT and Pato.


pato =D




hard to say when there is so many nice people from brazil
pato, myst, levin, moska etc.. the country of elf FAITIN!


Ronaldo =)


Pato fur sure




Ronaldinho Gaucho


ex-mTw.PATO ofc : D


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