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Your WC3 Progamer Hero

My idol is Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen and Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li because they both won wcg 2 times!! Also I like that Sky is not homosexual and there are replays of his second wcg win!.
Who is ur personal Wc3 Progamer Hero of the WC3 scene ? and why?


Effect because he always pays attention to the little details that nobody else notices!


would you mind to tell us which pro is homosexual ?




zacard for his aggressive style :> he is like "come on fucker just bring it "


Simple - Sk.Insomnia. Inspiration for many Bulgarians, awesome playstyle (almost never used towers), great personality, cool person.


imba with peons.
Sweet because his face fits perfectly to undead.


"Also I like that Sky is not homosexual and there are replays of his second wcg win!. "

Remind ftw!!! Mr.Cold-cool!his style is unique! :P


zacard ofc..


ToD for sure, have enjoyed his games since he used to pwn apm70 in ladder =p




Creolophus, because of his incredible skills, comebacks (WCG) and the absolutely admireable amount of manners! yes i slimed sry


Antoine "FatC" Zadri made me like this game. Then, Dae Hui 'FoV" Cho and Chun Jung "Sweet" Hee made me switch undead. These guys owned my life :D, love them.




Dayfly, simply a genious.


Does the reason need?


LuciFron,Sase and Moon


XD you could have commented this stuf in muy profile!well those chars are from SGF team, my clan, they arent all mine,and yes we have some repeated classes because some are in different realms/bgs


sase :O
happy :O
xLord :O
always best but never first -_-




MaDFroG Sweet and FoV :D They all playd good with gargs and ghouls :D They didnt do fucking boring fiends, desis, wyrms, aboms, catas ...


Madfrog. His style is so recognizable, unique, entertaining and ballsy that no one compares to him. The way he excelled in rare situations used to impress the hell out of me. Also, I always got the feeling that he was never afraid or put off by his opponent, nearly seemed respectless... True legend, and a worthy idol game wise.


yeah i completely agree, my fav is Fnatic.Vank0r(youcantwin) because of one fantastic sterategy that i never seen againts grubby. and also HeMaN hes best hu player ive seen.


Fov ofc because he was among the top4 worldwide though he had the weakest race, he beat players like grubby with strats noone other dared to play and he was the one raping moon when moon became fantasista.
in short: the greatest ud that has ever played.

sweet was not constant enough, one day he played OMGWTFPERFECT and the other day he played rather mediocre, thats why he is just n2 :P

they played games you just cant forget, true legends!


RoC: Thagor, Tak3r
TFT: Grubby, Tod, Zacard


Insomnia.. ! : )




i still cant understand how could he managed to win without towers...


With micro and macro? you humans are scary seriously.


So god damn true! Bless your owrds!!


@ geek_nd haha so true dude :>


because he is amazing


Insomnia and Bjarke who invented most of human strategies( some of them are used even today).
PhilMiraldo who invented whole new UD race -_-;
Sky because of his dedication to the game.
TH000 because he's the most creative player ever played the game ...


TH000 because he's the most creative player ever played the game ...
Moon?? ffs.


moons creative coz he plays elf thus has infinite possibilities
000 plays boring human which is supposed to be towering and camping all game
that makes the difference


haha human dont have possibilities? BORING? wtf what game do you play? WoW?


Grubby because when he plays he provides the coolest games


Tell me about how fun it is to play human on pro level. Just tell me about it. Esp you may wanna compare it to playing elf.

Everytime a human player played some other races (notably orc and elf) there almost always were mass whines on the lameness of human strategies and how repetitive it is to see towers every fucking game. I never heard such whines on elf strats tho.

btw i played this games since beta so i know what im talking about. elf may not be the strongest race but it gives you the most possibilities concerning creativity.


which human pro are you then if you know so much about how much fun it is to play hu on pro-lvl?;)

and you may also count the MASSIVE variations elfs can play like bear dryad or bear dryad or maybe also dryad bear. huntpush on few maps vs hu and talons vs orc, in 2 matchups they may add faeries and in one matchup they can be forced to add hippos. wow. creativity at its best!

they can only vary with early, expo-timing and different heroes from tavern, human can do the same with expo-timing and human doesnt need different heroes because their own heroes are strong enough in every matchup and sufficient for each strat they can choose, they even have 3 viable first choices as heroes, which no other race has in their own ranks, elf only with tavern as i mentioned.

but concerning unit-choices no race has as much possibilites as human, they can play like every unit they have in every matchup depending on the strat they counter, except maybe rifle and foots lategame.

there is no humanunit that you dont see every week when you watch pro-reps, but there are units that i didnt see since ages from orc , ud and elf.


yaa... elf is not storgst but de best race i thnk... n orc is gud in dfnse..
but i stll luv usng human as we r hman beings






my fav player of all time is NangChun



I dont need to be a pro to know the pain in their ass. Being a pro means you must win; thus it means in most matchups you just cant afford to play aggressive early in game and go for the most effective option which is to erect mass towers and lame the game till you have 80 pop units. This is almost a pattern in nowadays human versus whatever matchup, even mirror is evolving to this pattern (check infi mirror). Another sad thing about human is they are so freaking predictable, you dont even need to scout to know they will be expanding early in game. Count the matcups where human pros will not set up an early expansion and play with one mine till his first mine runs out. Yes thats pretty much mirror on most maps.

One of the reasons why sky has been sloppy for this long has more to do with his in-game personality: hes the kinda person who wants to finish the game as quickly as possible (see his latest iview), but since all his push strats dont work too well now, he is forced to play lame most of the time, and he obviously doesnt lame as well as infi (one of the reasons infi catching up so fast with sky). ppl say sky is too predictable and i just lol. human compared to other races in general is just more predictable. As human for most of the time pro would play this pattern: early game-defensive, mid game-small harassment or creepjacks but overall still defensive, late game: win with 80 pop or tanks. I would rather play orc, coz even tho i lost i know the game wont last that long and i prolly will lose in an attack by me not among my towers in base.
its not a coincidence many pros (check one of inso's iview for example) say they would play elf if given a second chance.


Rotti and Moon are my heroes.


Grubby - couz of his achievements
Lyn - couz he is equaly good vs every race
Sky - couz of his agrressive playstyle
Moon - couz of his stunning moves


GoStop, no question about it.


Olav "Creolophus" Undheim~


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