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Grubby attempts an escape

I think his micro was ok, but he should improve his strategy.


omg crazy fans , like hungry dogs on bone haha


he obviously isnt used to so many people (5-6), in his cellar in holland he doesnt have to deal with such a crowd. that also explains his lan-performancess....


Any questions about e-sports in Chna? That answered all of them.


Grubby = Michael Jackson


Some bodyguards for him!


wtf was this , speed scroll in real life.. ?!


i agree with you vinworvi :)


well winning one tour is still more than nubby or?


Being 2nd in a tour is enough to > grubby.


Im not sure, but is he standing with ToD in the start?


I guess so.


That was completely uncalled for, but to satisfy your teenage rage: It's not a guess, it WAS Tod.


Bahahah crazy chinese, man...


Grubby = MostWantedLover


Yeah i should talk to him about inheriting my account :)


Grubby deserves this fame imo, he can beat most players in this world, and he is the mastermind behind most strats the orcs are using now days (even tho there arent that many) and he carried 4K through plenty of victories.


"Grubby deserves this fame imo, he can beat most players in this world, and he is the mastermind behind most strats the orcs are using now days"

"Grubby deserves this fame imo, he can beat most players in this world" - as opposed to all the people playing Warcraft III in other worlds?

"he is the mastermind behind most strats the orcs are using now days" - 'most', im assuming means 1, since orc only uses 1 strat lately, and to claim that he is the 'mastermind' behind it is hilarious when you stop to think that it took orc players 1 year to figure out that spirit walkers could disenchant to counter talons... a so called 'mastermind' would have thought of that counter instantly, no? or at least quicker than after 1 year of getting raped by all NE's worldwide.


All the hatred that is in you =)


hahah i wonder ll he run if he was chased by hot sexy girls!?!? xD


he prolly would run even faster...


Rofl, this proves that Grubby(and other orc players ofc) aint shit without their fucking blademaster to make them invis/run faster. Alright micro tho, but his fans bought the boots of speed first -.- Stupid mistakes like that cost games.


lol, u really think that fs or sh or tc is gonna be a better choice for the orc to start off in the beginning?
good luck, if u can pull on of them off :] cause i tried, and running around with no mana with fs its not fun.


hahahahahaha! really great vid!


grubby and tod r friends now? ;D


They were training together @ an internet cafe somewhere in China for the event.


lool :D


Grubby and his fans broke the greensward!Both of them are no manner!


whenever i watch this, i start to laugh. i mean, how unsocial a person can be, when like 5 fans come to you, and you run away. thats some sad stuff, thats what happens when you spent your whole childhood in front of a screen...


dude, you spent your whole life in front of a screen but you don't have people running after you in the streets.


There was a huge crowd of fans waiting for the players.
Grubby wanted to avoid them by leaving the building through the window instead of the door.
Unfortunately some fans watched that and started running for him.
Just a matter of time till the rest of the crowd would have recognized and surrounded Grubby.
And stop rating your own comments please.
You`re not funny.
You`re pathetic.
Just stop your trolling/hating and get a life.


sry nerdplayer, nice try, but i dont even put the quarter of energy in my vl as you do. i prolly dont have 5% of your laddergames.
yet you try to act smart and sound intelligent in wc3-forums, but still you are known as the schnuggles-imbalance-nerdelf_is_not_imba-counterpart with a thumbrate that trolls hardly reach. THATS what i call a pure LOSER. someone who puts all his effort in forums and still doesnt have a piece of the LEGENDARY status someone like me gets with 15 minutes "work".

and its not surprising that the majority in this forum finds this "funny", "poor grubby"...
while noone sees the real consequences of massive gaming in years, when conecting to social groups in RL is elemental.. instead of saying like 1-2 words to them like "hey dont have time" he turns like a robot and runs away like a total unsocial moron. most likely, a superior number in here would act the same (which is kinda sad).
so a shoutout to all the guys who arent hopeless unsocialised individuals like nerdplayer, kuco45 and nubby: do something with your life, controll your computer-game playing time or you will end up like totally unsocialised donk.


now copypaste this to your 50 other accounts on 10 other scene sites. You know, the 50 accounts you don't waste any energy on, and of course your unnerdy hobby of bashing a progamer you've never seen irl before.

You might talk about my ladder games but you don't even know how much or few I play, while your retardation and your mass accounts is quite obvious.

DiscoStew = Nerd fighting against all odds


and 3 bullets in the back


Hehe Chinese esport > all esport, never see it in France, too bad, China i'am coming=)




basics of english man...learn 'em instead of making fun of others (or yourself like in this case)



nice video xD HAHAHAHA!!!


LOL poor grubby :/


Grubby is the MAN.


Why do people say grubby is bad?

Grubby is still the creator of so many orc strats over the years. Grubby ftw.


Grubby inspired me, how he became a progamer and now he is dating this beautiful girl.
im not a fan boy, but damn i would never imagine a progamer like grubby be dating a girl like that.

well, in korea there are tons of cute girls for sc pro gamers, but for europeans where girls aren't like hardcore fans of progamers, its a different version. hope i made sense here.


dude, you have some serious problems. if dating girls fascinates you, e-sports is prolly the wrong genre for you?


"dude, you have some serious problems."
Quote by discos psycholigist

"dude, you have some serious problems."
Quote by discos bank counselor

"dude, you have some serious problems."
Quote by discos friends (aka discos other accounts)


@Disco: What he means is, Grubby has got it going. He gets to play a game he enjoys (a very interesting and challenging game) and he just happens to be amazing... all the while straight pimpin' with that girl on his arm.

You should really consider your responses prior to posting; you'll avoid all the flame.


your right ;]


Crazy fan's =)


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