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So anyway

So anyway, on a random beautifull thursday morning I decided to play a few laddergames. With the tiehack being fixed and all I though it might be fun to play some games, even though there are probably lots of mhers left its not really that big of a deal since they mostly suck and with MH they give good practise atleast :D, but then the following happened.

After 3 games on a new account i got accused of using mh already, "mh noob xd fu fag" , "die to aids mh" , I found it pretty cute and moved on to the next game, flames were a bit different, nice variation but it came down to the same shit. In the end I played 20 games, in atleast 15 I was called maphacker, probably even more but i didnt count, in atleast 5 i got wished to death and god knows what more. A certain cute lovely russian fellow even took it so far that he was convinced I hacked his computer so his potion on his DH didnt work and ofcourse, he hoped I would die for doing that.

So my question is, what the fuck is up with everyone, did we all get fucking paranoid over a few hackers or what? After playing a few games I honestly think we're heading to get the prestigious award of "the most retarded online community". Or is just normal and is everyone doing that? You can't make a decent move anymore online without being called maphacker :D, "LOL NICE MH YOU DIDNT EVEN SCOUT", "thats what i'm doing now you dumb faggot" "FUCK YOU DIE"... will we ever be able to cure this and create a healthy online environment or are things just getting worse..........share your opinion please.

Much love.
Yours sincerely.
Mr .RotterdaM.


well maybe it got out of hand but the fact is there are hackers amongst us

even i, and i realy try to keep it all mannered, sometimes just can t help saying things like
Is it fulfilling wining with MH when i feel strongly that i am beeing cheated but i usualy say it to UD don t know why but with orcs it s like i know they can have BM always running besides and therefore know u r whereabouts


ye thas pretty sad now, a few days before played vs some bulgarian on esl ladder, he insisted that i cheated -.- writted about 200 words descrebing my "strange moves" ;D pretty funny but oh well... cant do much about it, just need to trust admins game knowledge


Well, russian do that.

I am not racist,,,but russian do flame more that others in this game.

they just like to call other people noob or something,,,no matter u win or lost...


Pro is Pro
Noob is noob
hacker is hacker


they are just pissed of loosing to better players they they begin to flame and call you a maphacker


hahahaha nice one RoTTerdaM!!! I think most of peoples(gamers) dont know how to submit that they lost to a better player!!! they only want to "minimize" your win!!! but i like flamers etc...,its often funny chat! xD


This thread lacks humiliating replays


Isn't it nice to be called as a maphacker? It shows your self that you are skilled I was never called as a maphacker.... :(((


Yeah, it's ridiculous, and it enhances the hacking problem as well. Basically ppl might think that a lot more hack than is actually the case, and then the threshold for starting to hack is lowered because "everyone does it".

Also, I knew you hacked roti. fu diaf!!!1


The most funny thing in ladder nowadays, is when maphackers calls u a maphacker and u get ofc the i hope u die irl flames :)

edit: all orcs have free maphack


All UDS have free maphackS!


if someone starts to flame or something, i just go /ignore name
the only annoying thing is when they have names like 13supbetbh16bn3


its just excuses for their poor loses...its easier to say that someone cheated against you than that its just you, who suck


It also is a point to raise that if so many people are sending replays claiming these people maphacked when they didnt it means there is a lot more shit for Blizzard to sort through.

ALthough I HOPE they find out who the hackers are through some technical means not by downloading and watching replays sent to them :D


You are right, it happened to me too, (not that often since in 20 games I lose, 15 of them) but it happens. You have to understand them, just like kume_v said, hackers are among us, it could be your mother, your brother, even your dog... You have to take care about everyone


ye, u hacked my pc! that's why my dh died fucking hacker! still hope u die!


i feel sorry for these idiots really :D


So sadd. Not that Rotterdamn is called a hacker but that he plays ladder and not with good partner to become strung.


yeah imagine that i enjoy some variation in my opponents instead of playing the same guys 20 games on a row, god damn thats really weird!


I think it's similar in a lot of online communities. WC3 is lucky to have lasted this long. In CS, people have whined about cheats since... forever. I guess WC3 players were too busy complaining about imbalance ;D~


Warcraft 3 ====> mh noob die etc....
Counter strike ====> wh noob die etc....
I think all kids are stupid, nothing else


actually its the same shit with the CS community , I played some CS a bit some time ago and guess what - it was the same story (Aim hack , wall hack etc).This with the maphack story is the next excuse after imbalance.Now I dont lose cuz my race sucks , I lose cuz my opponent maphacks

I barely have played any bnet since 2 years , but in ggc I have been called a map hacker as well ,so I guess what is it down there


haha, RotterdaM
its the same with Counter Strike i guess, in DM's
when a person plays shit they are called a noob, when they play well they are hackers. it's quite sad!
like, on Unreal Tournament 5 kills its ultra kill, Quake 5 kills its Godlike, CS 5 kills "Kicked and Banned" ;p


i liked this uhm... may i say article? whatever, i dont care if i play vs a mher, cus the mhers r mostly pretty bad, and they focus more on YOU and not THEMSELF.

blizzard plz do something vs the MAPHACKERS!!!!!!!! I WANT PEACE IN WC3!!


people flame and accuse to maphack because of arrogance. if i loose against grubby i probably won't get angry ever, because i know he is better than me. but people face other players with similar or not quite higher stats and think they are better and when they loose they get upset and can not believe. thus his opponent must had maphacked or had luck. people cant accept that they must still improve ALOT.


Orcs in particular are more often accused of maphacking, mainly good orcs.
The blademaster that moves around the map pretty fast with WW, makes it easier to scout expos and to creepjack. When this happens frequently, they will suspect maphack, probably due to the attention around maphackers.

But as RotterdaM said; it isnt as much of a problem because the vast majority of the hackers suck. What really pisses me off is the tiehack.


Rotterdam you are maphacker IMO. In fact I've seen you watching other people's games and EVEN COMMENTATING for everyone to hear!!! ¬¬

Ok seriously, I don't see anything new here, ladder has always been the same. I don't usually read what people say because I ignore them at start of the game xD


Ladder has always been the same? lol.


Rotterdam :DD


Thats funny... fury called me maphacker. coincidence? i rest my case.


i joined a pug server with 1239082352385 ppl in CS and i killed 6 in a row and was named hacker i recieved a ban.......... i guess wc3 ladder is the same full of retards who think they are good at a game but they actually suck and when some one like Rotty comes and blows them away they start to whine like the lil bitches they are ..


oh and BTW NaNiwa u still suck man that flameinnnnnnnnnn over fury wont make you a better player just stick to the 20h playday and you might actually do something in WC3


we cant be worse than the dota-community


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