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Grubby's way to the throne.

NGTV W3L Saison I - Fly100% vS Grubby Finale

ON his way to the final, grubby won whO and Lyn, if he can beat fly, he'll be King of Orcs again.


If hes gonna be King of Orcs, will you jerk off on him ? Or why are you posting threads for every game he plays ?


In mirror maybe, ffs, Grubby is already on the throne. Lyn is still on the throne, same for Fly, WhO.

They are already in the orc hall of fames


agreed. @ Geek_ND

What if Grubby had the path of Fly100% in this tournament, and fly100% had Grubby's path? Maybe it would be Moon or Remind vs Lyn or WhO? You never know.....

They are equal in skill.. the only difference is match-up they prefer...


and the daily shape ofc


WTF are you saying guys, Grubby has to be always in top shape and placing #1 in every tournament, otherwise he'd be a noob and should retire.


if this is played on LAN, we dont have grubby in final.
if we switch brackets (fly-grubby), we have a remind/moon vs fly final.


we'll see that 4th october tardo


Help us to Ban the Thread Starter! Its Easy just write the next number...



just a random stupid thread in the sk gamign forum...


Grubby's "way" to the throne? WCG Winner etc. 2004, best non korean Wc3 Player of all times, most succesfull WC3L Player of all times means, that he will be the Orc king forever. Zacard, Dayfly, Farseer, Romeo, Elakeduck etc. are all gone but Grubby is still on top.

Best Orc atm = Fly100%. Fly was once asked about his idol in Wc3 and he said "Grubby." Any Questions?

Stfu Disco! But one thing for sure. Disco = biggest retard of all times.


hilarious post by a hilarious retard (schnuggles)

WCG 2004 Winner: Luck bracket nothing more. He only beat zacard on his way to the finals.

Best Non Korean Wc3 Player: Wrong. Sky>Nubby

Most Successfull WC3L Player: What is the point of this ranking? Should we make a biggest nerd to spend his time practicing for WC3L ranking as well? What do you get for winning WC3L? 1000 euros each back then?

So basically your argument for nubby being king of orcs is that he is the only pro who even gives a shit about WC3L games. While nubby is training 20/7 for WC3L, players like WHO are winning ESWC and players like LYN are training to win Blizzcon.


Schuggles, I listed some recent achievements for you:

Plays more wc3 than anyone in europe yet won 0 lans in the past 4 years.

Set a new record for "HOW MANY TIMES CAN I GET RAPED BY SKY"

Redefined the word "retarded" by going the same strats over and over against sky only to get raped EACH AND EVERY GAME.

Went home after the group stage of every chinese tournament he entered in the last 3 years.


Sentiii,Troll spotted.

you have a big madness in you man.

Be relax man..

ok ok we understand your fire arguments..

BUT Manuel "MYM]Grubby" Sheinkuzen is PRO gamer and he wins 18.000 $ per month.

And you , WHO ARE YOU ?

Owned :/


hi arab :P. I am relaxed ^^. If you notice I don't flame i only post facts ;).

You don't seem to be though :(. Going on a nerd rage and posting:

You are an idiot ,and Grubb (orc king) hater

and Wh0 Practice 10hour per day.

in my guestbook oO.


Hey american , how comes that your nickname has more letters than your IQ ?


Sentiii = Disco


Im not a Grubby hater T.T

Im just thinking your arguments are so Troll..

and the arabs fucks you with our big dicks.



"BUT Manuel "MYM]Grubby" Sheinkuzen is PRO gamer and he wins 18.000 $ per month."

laughed my ass off!! That's probably the amount of money he loses each month for not getting a regular job over his "pro gaming career".


Would be fun to see Grubby hitting back top shape again as TFT collapses :)


"he wins 18.000 $ per month."



i want grubby to win something, if he wins wcg 2008 (thats lan sentiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) then i would be so fucking happy because all grubby haters would be so fucking jealous and sentiii would kill himself! im really looking forward to see grubby winning on lan! hahaha!!!!!!!!!! ;DDD



explain to me how he is guaranteed 6k when first place only gets 3k?

btw i don't hate grubby ;). just find it amusing how fanboys take my comments so seriously :P


12k for winner and 6k for loser. But of course you can say 3k to winner all you want because otherwise it disrupts your argument that moon plays seriously for only big prize money tourneys.


i dont get where some morons get those sums from. "he earned 300000k, no 34 millions, 2 billions"

heres a money-rank on SK

June 'Lyn' Park
Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang
Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li
Lee 'Flash' Young Ho
Yoan 'ToD' Merlo
Xuwen 'infi' Wang
Du Seop 'WhO' Chang
Alexei 'Cypher' Yanyshevsky
Deok Man 'SocceR' Youn
Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen

grubby is 10th!!! with 11k, and still its hard to see where he got that from. as far as i know the only tours he placed in the prizemoney was xm3rd and bwwi3rd which is combined around 5-7k. the rest i cannot retrace tbh.


shut up


looooooooooooool what bs-rank^^
"10th lucifer
13th susiria"

rotfl you moron, this is a rank where myms-winning was divided through their players^^
obviously sks ranking is more reprensative, since only solo-things matter.


Some discussion on that site about whether or not Moon's earnings should be roughly seven thousand dollars lower. To be honest, I find it hard to trust all of those sites about players earnings.


Grubby has been and will be the king of orc !


if i dance with a naked nightelf will you blowjob your dog then?


He was and ever will be King of ORcs! Grubby is the man! eat the worm motherfucker! (to quote a french gay)


Whats funny though is that even earnings wise for a year in which he didnt win anything Grubby is 10th for individual (as per SK, actually its 8th because Flash and Cypher, sorry to tell you disco, not wc players-and funnily enough the SK website puts his rank at 7th) or 4th or so total as per GG website. What I do not understand is how can that be a bad thing? Being a top 10 player after so long is not bad in any situation. Even if senti/disco your arguments about him practising non stop for WC3L only to get raped by blah blah....the fact of the matter is he is earning more than....lets see the list:

1. Like
2. Remind (obvious reasons I included these two first)
3. Lucifer
4. Susi
5. All Chinese players apart from Sky and Infi
6. All SK players apart from Lyn
7. All players of Fnatic
8. All MTW players apart from Who
and tons and tons more. And this in a year where he did not win much because as you say disco, 2004 is over. But guess what so is 2006, luci is not winning anymore. Neither is remind. Nor is Fov or Focus or tons of other players. And the worst part for you disco is the fact that once he gets the 6k for this tourney it will be above Who and Infi and the others up to 6th spot in individual and ABOVE SKY in the total money rankings. So better than all the Chinese and he sucks. But ofc logic can not make sense here because you are "thelegend" and always right


epic comment.. respect bro..


anti-stew, perfect name


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