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Diet of a pro?

What do pro-gamers eat, I just wanna know this.. i'm trying to come up with a comprehensive diet plan to enhance my gaming performance / experience. I know for a fact they drink a lot of energy drinks but that is to sustain theirselves for practice in lans but other htan that what do they eat? like cheeseburgers or smthin?


Don't ask Targa about it.


Please give me a clue as to whether or not you are serious?


:D energy drinks is prolly the thing you see players drink least during a tournmanent, fucking chemicals, drinking some green/orange/yellow poison will really be so positiv for your body :D


same as michael phelps. but the effects aint the same


ye, esp. when u look at TeD


water, vegatebles and fruit. Thats all they eat.

(god im such a responsible person :P)


Ice teaaa


ye ice tea is great ;)


water water and more water, it gives you a good feeling of pureness


cola, gives you that nice naughty feeling


Batteryy ja suklaata


What about warden?=p


So true.


I guess WC3 pro gamer eat kinda normal but WOW nerds(true nerds, just watch them) live not healthy.


"mental food" will be beneficial.
B-Vitamins are good for the nerves (bananas, whole grain especially oats, brown rice, sunflower seeds, nuts).
Chocolate (cocoa should be > 70%) will increase the blood flow of your brain and increase concentration.
Coffeine im pretty sure everyone knows the effects themselves.
Instead of having a few big meals you should have 5-6 smaller portions to keep the blood sugar level more even which will help you feel awake and concentrated.
Enough water (more than 2 liters) is the basic requirement.
Anything containing sugar should be avoided as it will make you tired, slow and hungry (after just a very short lasting increase in performance).
does any pro gamer care about that ? i doubt it


Amphetamine.... enchances your perfomance in RTS games, not tested it myself, but i have heard about it... and that people get doped by amphetamine :O
Have to test it under Dreamhack winter 08



(note this is not a message, just something in none caps so i can post in all caps)


much much water is the most important, because it cleans your blood (especially cause of egesting dirt while urinating) and that makes you fit and keen. besides you can live only from dates, some meat and bread very well.




well if u r into WOW pro gaming u can see the basics in the south park WOW episode
(basicly u stuff u r face while grinding and crap in a pot)

about WC3 pro gaming u can watch interwiev with Heman at SK 10th aniversary
(basicly u go out once a day or 2 and eat some fast food)


Watch the creo interview of what he eats. He has like a banana before a match :)


They aren't machines they are normal people so I think they eat normal stuff like erveryone do...


I can not believe this :O


"comprehensive diet plan to enhance my gaming performance / experience"

are u US ? coz it sounds like it....


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