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03.09.08 20:04h SK Gaming new_member ViOlet



SK is SinKing :D


fnatic, eX and sk in 1 week, pretty nice




pretty nice :D


Looks like Sk is closing their wc3 squad.


Statement by JuneWoo (aka Toad; form

according to me, this is a good initiative that SK accepted viOlet in the team. But I think SK needs maybe one UD player with ReiGn, or one Hu !


ViOlet has a contract with eX...I'd love to see the reason behind this!


Unless Dooki can produce documents, no he doesn't. Contracts aren't by mouth, and so far no evidence has been shown that he is indeed contracted. Kid knows what's up too. And I don't see why they bother, he can botch the team if he has no will to play with them. He's stopped from joining another team for a few months, and then what?


actually in the real word, contracts made by mouth are considered valid ;), ofcourse you can denie it in court but well, not that easy ;D certainly if the truth comes out eeee


Well to a certain extent Rotti, but you really think some idiot is going to sue some guy a few thousand kilometers away for a few hundred dollars? You think courts would even prioritize some guy who said yes I'll play on your team over a serial murder case? lol it would probably never even get to court. There is no way for him to defend this contract if it was verbal. The guy would spend more money than he would make from it, and worst comes to worse it'd just end up being something like violet had to finish his contract so


mantraa have u ever heard about mails and postmen ?
repair this fkn reply -.-


reynevan, you bring stupidity to a whole new level. I said there is pretty much 0 reason / profit of taking legal action, I never said the contract couldn't get to him.


just waiting for a news from sk :)




ViOlet defines clanhopping.


now we know the reason why he left fnatic ;)


I like how SK don't say shit and just waits it out : ))), they prolly chickened out as a reaction to dookie's statement and are preparing a carefully written article.


orcs and elves to rule them all :/

SK CWs will be boring but at least now they can easily counter MYM lineup tt

soju on moon lyn and violet on luci/susi and remind on grubby + 2v2 = 5-0?

in case of soccer well i guess lyn or reign could take him down as well :P


I would prefer SK.Myth over ViOlet.Myth's play is really solid atm,the oldschoolers are always dangerous.While ViOlet has only won some games,he got alot to prove.


but hes young and propably will play for a longer time from now ;)


Honorary member : Insomnia


wtf is wrong with him? fnatic > ex > sk > nxt will be? :S


He's fucking orc, nothing more to say.


violet was this week in more top clans then other ppl in there whole life xD


"better care about real mercs like bignose. who joins a clan, loses all his games there but wants more money and leaves."

2:0 luci
2:0 moon
2:0 susi @wc3l finals



yea tod is some really uber noob

just dont pay attention to mentally disabled ppl like club-nupe


However he surely earns more money than you and i think he is better than you : ) The day you will be acknoledged by the Wc3 scene, you will be able to talk like this : )


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