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I think i just saw... of the best games ever. Anyone else watched Th000 vs Shriek on TR? Usually 30m+ games are super boring, but this one had everything!


I think Shriek had it at one point. MUST SEE in any case. Those Warden saves near the end were extra lucky...


yeah I also watched it, hoped shriek could turn it..
Th000 sometimes was lucky with his heroes.


Sounds like one of your games. Yes, that was easy.


Archer creeping the orange turtle camp at 5 o'clock was new to me, and some nice hero staff saves (you could say lucky i you want). Either way, i enjoyed the game a lot and if the first round is anything to go by this ESWC is going to be awesome.

Even WTV has been watchable so far... probably jinxed it by saying that :(


I just saw Lyn vs SoJu on Echo Isle.. must see :)


I have ever seen prota vs emoto, they are great players. Certainly wow also is my favorite, there you can see many fantansy character with high lvl gears which I am dreaming of. I hope one day my character can have one piece of the equipments to show off.


the stuff that guy above me wrote made me laugh so hard ... :D
plz thumb him up so others may read his post
his words of wisdom should be kept in minds for at least the next millenia!


ToD vs Moon WEG 2003 i think.
that one had EVERYTHING, including emotional and arguments after the game.


how can it have everything when it lacks the most important thing, tension?


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