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Ok. I have successfully installed Warkeys..I can run the program no problem..but i cant get it to work.The program is installed and everything but the hotkeys wont work. I make it so that the keys are aligned (qwer, asdf, zxcv), so everything is that way from buildings to units to heroes..thats all i do and i press "Save to customkeys.txt" But nothing happens. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong or if i missed a step. I Guide to using warkeys would be better. (I read the whole tutorial that comes with warkeys but it is no help). I have a customkeys.txt folder in my wc3 directory, and inside the customkeys.txt folder i have customkeysample. So plx plx any help will be appreciated tired of looking at forums trying to find answers.. I just want the hotkeys to be QWER ASDF ZXCV, will thing easier. Thanks in advance.


The only think I can think of is to check in the options of WC3 if you have have checked the button to use custom keys...
I personally use WK and I have no problem...


customkeys.txt needs to be inside your Warcraft 3 folder so:

C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\customkeys.txt


/Applications/Warcraft III/customkeys.txt

as the above poster said, you need to tell Warcraft that you want to use customkeys


yeah ive done all that and still nothing....ok what is supposed to be in the customkeys.txt?


Wow way to dig up an old thread...

I've got a similar problem to betoski:

Auto warkeys works fine. I'm able to hotkey messages like "Top mia", and inventory hotkeys work fine.

Unfortunately warkeys (the remapping of spells/abilities and learning spells) doesn't do anything.

I have custom keys activated in wc3. (I even tried turning it off to see if autokeys automatically toggled it)
I do not however have a Customkeys.txt file in my wc3 folder. I tried creating one (as suggested by the Customkeysinfo.txt file in my wc3 folder) - though I can't get warkeys to save data to the customkeys.txt i created.

Clicking Save to Customkeys.txt in warkeys brings up the prompt: "C:\Programfiles\Warkeys\Customkeys.txt already exists. Would you like to replace it?"
1. Shouldn't this be saving to C:\Programfiles\Warcraft3\Customkeys.txt not C:\Programfiles\Warkeys\Customkeys.txt?
2. I don't see a Customkeys.txt file in my warkeys folder...

I am thoroughly baffled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated D:


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