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best. statement. ever.

I dunno how many of you read the manager statements on WC3L games - i usually don't - but i thought i'd bring this
to your attention. Hats off to darkchrono, this is pure gold.


pretty much agreed. DC and rotti usually write the best statements, the key is originality.

and im sick of those "hi, good team, we wanna score some points, gl hf" statements.


Meh, without the bad ones, we wouldn't appreciate the good ones ;D


can´t blame the orgas for NOT writing a super creative statement for every war...


forcing teams to write a statement is at the same level as WoW tournaments in retardness


nice pet :D


thumb up for DarkChrono
putting so much effort into a statement is awesome. Today clan wars between Sk,MYM,WE or their star-players take place too often. You need to create some rivalry like in hip hop to make them interesting.


"Here in the United States of America we have a few simple pleasures: going to baseball games, waving American flags, and drinking weak beer."
nice Canadian humour.




good statement but he had much better ones.


that's so 1978


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