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Warcraft 3 Story

Ok so lets say all blizzards games are kids in one big family.

We have Big Brother WoW(World of warcraft) that has Top Ratings at school with all the best grades and he is winnign F**k lots of prices and he is going to be the one that supports the rest of the family when he quits school.

Then we have our Grandpap Diablo 1 and our Grandmother Diablo 2. They have done what they wanted in life and now just wants some peace and row. They where the once that maked the blizzard family big in the way of rpg games.

Then we have Big Sister Starcraft 1. Starcraft did just find a man she wants to marrie.
Mother and Father blizzard are so happy for her sake since she is going to marrie Starcraft 2 that is the perfect man for her. So Mother and Father blizzard gets horny and makes a new baby. This baby is named Diablo 3 after the 2 grannys. And mother and Father blizzard has great expectation in this kid.

Ok all clear so long.

Now lets say The happy famliy blizzard is going to celebrate Christmas. All in the blizzard family is eating nice having fun. They give gifts and they are happy as ever before. Starcraft 2 is over there and he has his new Car with him. It's the new Cool AQ Epicmount that big brother WOW made in school and sended into the local Car making company.

Now they are all happy and that sh*t. But LOOK! whats that? Yes over there down in the corner of the basement. Ohh aint it cute.

It's the blizzards familys dog. The Lost Vikings. And Look who is there with him?

It's Warcraft 3! Warcraft 3 is there and taking care for the dog at Christmas.

But wait Warcraft 3 does't get any Christmas Gifts. The blizzard family is freezing him out. They dont let him eat. They just let him Live in there house. Since they dont think he is going to be anything at all.

Since warcraft 3 is so abused and assaulted by the blizzard family he gets bullyed at school by the others kids. So he has some really bad cuts and wounds.. Poor game.. and he has some Diseases aswell. even more poor kid.

The deadly diseases is calld Maphack an Tiehack. (Today thats like having Aids and Canser at the same time) and ontop of that he gets frozen out by the others in blizzard family.

Ok since Warcraft 3 is getting so badly treated at home he has some real problems with his school work. so hes Mentor Wulf Franke is giving him IG in all subjects.

Warcraft 3 now feels really sad so he takes his life. Warcraft 3 had some Friends that Honostly Cared for him. and They now feel sad. Because they have seen that the blizzard family dont care for him. That they didn't even try to help him cure Tiehack and Maphack.

So now they cry. There best game mate is dead and they stand powerless. The friends of Warcraft 3 (aka the players) can just see how is abused boddy gets it's cheep funeral.

With this little bed Story i want to say Farewell to the players who did not hacked when they playd warcraft 3.

And i also want to thank some people that really made Warcraft 3 a great game. Pro players that made the game nice to obb. And people that work at SK Gaming and other sites that still make reports about Warcraft 3.

Also want to make one more Thansk to Imbalanced SeeD since he made the best Warcraft 3 show ever.

Sorry if my English aint he very best at some points.

Have a great time everone. and Thanks for Reading :)


sad but true


"The deadly diseases is calld Maphack an Tiehack. (Today thats like having Aids and Canser at the same time) and ontop of that he gets frozen out by the others in blizzard family."



Read it people. Read!


wc3 in my heart


hehe I liked it


u are top! dont leave


well done.

I`m embarrassed.....
I`m that much of a warcraftnerd that such a story actually makes me sad :/


hahaha , sick world we live in.


too many letters... o_O havent read.


hehe Thanks ^^


bump. read it Pepps :)


So fucking true story


How come sister is older that grandma?


it's actually THAN and goddamn message edit is malfunctioning ;(


lol, nice written. though i dont know if the got the grade "ig" in other countries xD


Gonna cry.... Warcraft 3 we f***ing love you dude !


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