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Bye Gnollman

The warcraft II manager has decided to going ianctiv :( I wish him good luck for his life and thnaks for all what he did for mouz !!!


yeah btw Warcraft II was dead he is right to stop finally... Maybe he will try Reign of Chaos...And why not Frozen throne :s

Nah seriously, gl hf mouz.Gnollman :)


Source? I don't find your claim verified on mousesports's website. I do not find his departure particularly sad or anything - he is a jerk anyways.


Okay. I have found it, it does not appear anywhere on the website where you would expect recent information, but it is true. Too bad, he was the self proclaimed best host in Germany, he was so good he even hosted games on LAN. Germany will be facing some serious lag problems in the future.



You really think i would have made this topic without having sure source ? ^^


No I did not think you in particular would do such a dumb thing. But since we are on the SK forums you better be prepared to read some stupid blabber from stupid people.


I'm not this kind of person who writes shit on forum, i think i can flame from time to time because of too many bad people but that's all, Gnollman was a good guy, he did much with mouz (second at the NGL) and he decided to be retired... I hope he'll be back


dadadadadada gnollllxxxxx

bye / gl & hf with whatever ur doing now ^^


Frogbender re??~


quite a surprise, but good luck in real life :) and try to come back!




"spell - hasu
hasu - bash
bash - spell

we won't forget "


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