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Rainbow retires :(

sad moment for all humans in korea and every wc3 player.. although he couldn`t play as good as during his prime, his retirement is a lose for the warcraft scene~
good bye rainbow and good bye korean-humans.


good night, sweet prince


He'd be a waste of money anyway for mTw now, even their Germans are better than Rainbow.

Anyway, a great old school player. TANKATNKATAKNTAKNTATANTAKTANK


Please, just fuck off funplayer.

The only reason you didn't see rainbow owning tournaments was because your diaper was still dragged around your face.


proofs for what you said: 0
proofs for what I said: results

Typical for this forum, retards bounce in, thumb down, while all I say are FACTS. I acknowledged that he's an old school player but none of can say shit against his recent poor performances.
Waste of money now that they have BET? Hell, he is. Learn to business, noobs.

brain up, die_noobelves.


rofl stupid fuck
u take pleasure from wc3 scene dying?


yes, that's exactly what i said. "Great, Rainbow goes inactive, finally wc3 is dying".

This forum is getting more stupid by the minute. Probably cause Kume and Schnuggels post more lately.


with evry good player that retires the scene is slowly dying
i realy don t mind arguing with u in balance threads but plz don t post bullshit in a sad thread such as this 1 and show some respect for the love of god


omg thats real sad =(( After the Human Master gone,the Bandit Human retires
I'll miss his 400apm godlike micro, his classic games against Kenshin & Moon and more.
Focusing on RL is the right decision.GL HF Kim Tae In


so true... i remember a freaking game between kenshin and rainbow on tm with awesome micro scenes.


how can you miss his micro and his old games when both are gone for a long time now?


is Storm still active btw?


Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high......

Sayonara, Rainbow


He had to retires, he haden't the level anymore .


Usually when Koreans don't have" the level anymore" they sit down and play until it's getting better. There must be some other reason like army or family. I'm sure we'll get to see an interview with him soon.


ye rukie said that rainbow wants to concentrate on his reallife~


he "wants"?
It's not like he has much choices but to go to the army.


When speaking about Rainbow the first thing that comes in mind is his special human playstyle,yes he was the first player to play with mercs and zappelin and blizzard perfectly,sad that he is going to let the human flag for the other tower maniacs...
anyway wish you good luck with your life and hope you'll comeback soon ;


he told me that he will go to the army around october this year.
really nice guy but lately his performance wasnt that good but well sad to see him leaving the scene.


My dream is to fly over the rainbow,so high...
Farewell Kim Tae,gl and hf


He did give his fans some awesome games.., so shut up!

Bye Rainbow :( GL in the army


whether a player sucks or not, or whether hes out of form, Its always sad to see long-time players like rainbow retire... gl in rl and best wishes to you and your girlfriend OOPS! ROFL!!

anyways GL MATE




I really hate to read noobs comments about rainbow..they prolly started playing wc3 some months ago and talk bullshit about a great player like rainbow...rainbow was awesome..I'll miss him and Insomnia T_T (humans that didnt need 100 towers to win a game on imba rather than skill)
GL Rainbow!


WORD man


the bigger the irony that basically rainbow invented mass towers and tanks.
But in rainbow's prime tanks had style, ofc I get thumbed down for mentioning his Tanks, but facts count for nothing on this forum.


FunPlayer I think Myth invented mass Tank & Tower ,aint he ?
Rainbow used to play and with without any fuckin tower


not sure, first time I heard of tanks was Rainbow vs Moon in some Korean league.


"not sure, first time I heard of tanks was Rainbow vs Moon in some Korean league."

You just proved for the 700th time that you are a clueless retard, and that you know nothing about the game. Your posts about tanks mean nothing (not that it ever did).
Get half a brain please before you spew bs.


"waaa waaa waa retard waa waaa"

if you know better feel free to say something. All I see from you is "you dumb, you clueless, you no idea"

Fact is Rainbow used tanks in multiple league matches vs Moon.
Facts brought to us by die_noobelves today: 0
Facts brought to us by die_noobelves overall: -13


FunPlayer, go wrap your postings in something else than miserable arrogance and you'll do fine. Thumbwise.


I say it only because it is true.

Tanks were integrated into the strategy for a long time before his games vs moon. Get a clue.


yeah you integrated 1 year before vs a lvl 2 on azeroth


"FunPlayer, go wrap your postings in something else than miserable arrogance and you'll do fine. Thumbwise."

lol thumbs. the thing I complain about is that somebody states opinion A, I give opinion B with some reasons, and instead of backing up the (mainstream/popular/anti-elf) opinion A people start flaming, thumbing down etc. Which is reason enough to treat anybody who doesn't follow basic discussion rules as scum.


The thing is :Myth first used tank,Moon was the first victim,the game was in MWL2005,on LT

The only game Rainbow used tank vs Moon was that pre-WEG game (a practice game),afaik Rainbow did not meet Moon in pro-leagues

case closed


I wasn't 100% sure about that MWL game, whether it was Myth or Rainbow, but I definitely saw a game where Rainbow played tanks and gyros vs Moon on Echo. And I saw other replays where he used them, and that was way way before people like Tod started using them as the "can't win playing normal, let's abuse" strategy.
So no matter if he invented it, he used them often enough and early enough.

You could also say SoL.Mimmox or whatever his name was invented tanks >_>


waa waa retard waa waa dumbass waaa waa no clue waaa you're happy wc3 is dying cause Rainbow goes inactive!!!!111 waa


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