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Oldschool Bnet Ladder accs



Apm70maphacks ( smtg like 250-30)
Apm70 aka ( i forgot the name but it was something incredible as 290-20)
i remember also Philmiraldo ( Philbot ) with 100-1 on east


do you mean artificial- from deadman? that one had extremely good stats!

and 30gamesaday was heman, wasnt that the account he played vs grubby with, when he lost to grubbys random in wc3masters finals? where he lost human mirror?:D


Yes, artificial- was the account, Deadman was playing on at Kalimdor during his stay in Korea (WEG 1). He entered the top20 for 2-3 days or smth like that!


2 bad none cares about US servers


Nobody cares about US servers because player here are not as good as Korean ones. Don't take it bad ...


4K.Grubby - grubby
MYM.Grubby -grubby
AbuseYouDna - grubby
MSchenkhuizen - grubby
Alanford - grubby
FORTRAN77 - grubby
VondarbbQ_Q - grubby
6000 - grubby]mouzpb - 4k share acc
Tynnered - liild.c
OneManShow- - liild.c
PlayLikeNeverb4 - knoff
Whydidichoseorc - knoff
submarine - creo
sex4fun - creo
9w8345utsiogjs0 or sth = creo.. xd
4K-FuRy - fury
Divine - fury
GizmoQuack - fury
Fuji[SPEED] - fury, 110-0 stats


Mechanical_Arm was I think his last nice acc

Fierygarden - Sky`s acc on Kalimdor I think


awesome thread


sex4fun was titan, not creo
he said in intereview


^ ur right


8)8]8D8O - MYM]Bjarke
LastManDancing - MaDFroG


Warcraft III forever ;)


MYM]Bjarke?Bjark was in MYM?:) memory is terrible.

p-a-u-l aka Zacard:156-10 I'll remember this for as long as i live :)

And nobody mentioned ''SK.Insomnia'' or Anacrusan aka fatc


Yes Bjarke was in the early danish MYM.


how i miss guys like bjarke, back then human and wc3 in general had still style


And now it doens't have style?You sound like my grandfather talking about how stuff used to be better back in his time :)


I'd prefer AM/FL/Pala Knights/caster/mortars triple staff over mass towers any day, it has nothing to do with nostalgia.


How the hell is FL oldschool?


well bjarke played 2nd at some time vs elf :)

and thats what i call oldschool

nowadays you see the same shit again and again in dozens of reps, nothing special about wc3 anymore IMO


Well Madfrog was a good player, oldschool =)


I found this link on Tillermans blog:

old accs like Tillerpeon, crazyassassin, Mad)Q(frog (page 23)


Nobody names ELAKEDUCK, DeMoNT-T, Blatty, TreeToX, Spell, Swain, Cara etc ... =(

And one of the best account I have ever seen in solo was from MnZ with 103/0 solo TFT I think.


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