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n!Paddy Queen of Warcraft III

The time has come that even my gf wins more than me.

Congrats Padiana.



gratz paddy :)


HAhahaha :D congrats!


thank you !!


def win in final?!?!?! lucky paddy !!!
jokes :) gz


I apologize for ruining this "pro streak" of posters, my noobishness has contaminated the thread. Congratulations pad! You showed em who was boss!


vbadgirl player very well also.
I think she should have beaten Paddy. I guess it goes to show there is some competition in the scene at least.




gg paddy =)


gratz paddy!

PS: Zeus, when we play that saved game? :D


ye really, i was just about to kill fury xD


hahah yeah and if Fury was down, zeus was easy to handle alone :)). 2 girls.. in a dark alley making him pay for that hero kill.. haha ;D.


I can kill FuRy for you ;D


Sabina giving an intimation at her future goals in life? O_O "girlfriend"? FuRy, watch your back!


giving defwin cause of friendship?
It's just a game oO


girls ....


Congrats baby!!!!! Well played!!!!!


thank you for the support !


cgratz ^^


Threads like this ensure Zeus's sex life, I'm very sure of it.


grats padiana and sophie too


zomg ggggggg! :D


That 2v2 was epic, needs finishing!

To below post. t.t


y rite, any day, i bet _ANYTHING_ that you vbadgirl and paddy would have lost that saved game vs me and fury, im willing to BET_ANYTHING_ u2 are so freakin pwnt!

how bout we finish that game tomrrow, coz you2 were _DEAD_

/throws glove in u2s FACE.

_GRINS_ while waitin for you to puss out. are willing to bet anything??? define that anything .. sounds interesting to me.

Sure tomorrow is fine. any time you want it's fine for me :D.

not gonna see me puss out or anything coz u're going down!!

/trows the glove back


This thing "I bet everything" doesn`t sound really serious

I wanna see what BOTH sides will Bet , to make things more interesting ^^


oh its on, its so on


prepare to lose to girls.


Congratulationsssssssss , Rumor has it Lloth started his hunt to new fresh talent, PGS.Paddy vielleicht?


yeah right, he would't even dare to start a talk with me :D


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