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will he let hasu win?

hasu 1-1 tod with a clear destroy of hasu in g2, is tod going to let him win g3 to advance to the single elem?



I have to say, i was wondering the same thing in G1. ToD threw away a huge lead. G3 should be interesting - wanna bet WTV dies at the last fight? ;D


I bet 60 thumbs that its gonna die


Hasu "won" 2:1 ... ehh gj tod 0 micro


this really looked like he didn't play seriously anymore. Lucky for hasu.


Nice,Mouz players FTW!Go Tod and Hasu


ncole are you stupid, do you think tod would let him win realy?


gather some experience in life and come back. and stop that childish insulting, thanks.


@dragon you seem to be really childlish.


the rape in game 2 was mostly based on +21dmg, +6strength and cross positions -.-


most likely ToD wanted to secure his first place in the group


LOL ????/
How to secure ???
if he lose he is still first
so stupid ....


by having most maps won -.-


Regardless wether it was ToD's intention to let Hasu win or not, it's somehow stupid since his only motivation to win could be to kick his own clan member out of the tournament. Think no one can blame him for not fighting with the highest spirits, espacially because he already played three bo3 before...


Two players from the same team in one group is a joke.
Two players from the same team in one group playing against each other after other matches is not a joke it's a cheat.


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