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is he reclaiming the throne

thats a good post mlw, u dont seem that retarded as i heard thumbs up


I think one reason for moon being not that successful in team leagues is that he can not prepare himself for his enemy. Lineups are published 30 minutes before the clanwar. In offline events with a grid, he can assume whom he'll face next and watch replays and prepare things. That imo is not even a bad fact, he's just that kind of player and obviously it's that kind of matches you can prepare for which really matters. I also think that moon has some ups and downs from time to time but his overall performance during the past 4 years is fantastic.


it's just that the "imba" elf cookie-cut sucks and Moon is only unbeatable if has a new strategy in each of the 3 games he needs to win the bo5.


ted is ud king!!


not yet :)


might be true for ud, but saying Moon is not the king of elfs? please...
Maybe cause Moon is 5th race.


i think its ok if somebody says moon isnt the king of elf ATM, looking at the overall stats of tourwins etc its obvious moon is most succesfull elf and player (therewith also the best)


HasuObs is the UD king ;))


He's really not.


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