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Music while Playing WC3

honestly i just turn on radio.. it has a good mix of tunes that keep me motivated to play :).


I'd like to listen webradio too but I lagg if I do. :(


Metallica (black album)
aqme (hérésie)
pleymo (keçkisspass)

I need a whole album because my games lasts 45min ^_^


I prefer techno or Croatian music...and in wc sound is always off :)


Metalica - St. Anger
Mettalica - Seek and Destroy it would be to :D


arent you bored?


john mayer


" no i dont have a life dont hear the music i focus on duels " lol


I only listen to music when I´m watching replays,mostly trance.
While I´m playing I don´t listen music cause I´m fully concentrating on strat I use,micro,macro and other shit.


I listen to music while I play, mostly metal and stuff like that, like Opeth, Pantera, Metallica, In Flames and so on..


Divine Heresy.


I listen to breakbeatz like dj babyboi, dj tinman and other asians breakbeats ^^
like this for ex::

and i got many more like that



yeah rap or house or sth,
good beats are like hell!


Versus Nightelf -> Slipknot - Nightelf = Shit


Techno music


anime ost/soft rock/house


I am listening to
best music mixtape I've ever heard!


hm... progressive trance, house ;>


Techno or Rock and im not so lazy anymore ^_^

or some happy music when the game gets a little frustrating :D

mostly when laddering or during practice. Under an important game no music =)


R.Kelly- The Wordl's Greates



What Tekno,what Rap,what metal , Roof listen look at arbitrary, If you don't listen: Own finger and just choose the in flames, or sometimes hollywood undead if i feel like rap.




Actually i listen to all music styles, but trance or hip-hop is playing most of time


most ardent supporters of the world's beşiktaş fans


music has no effect on me while playing.After 10 seconds I don't even hear it,too focused.Too bad I am not that focused while studying


Ejmaz wrote:
Hm, HARDSTYLE/HARDCORE Then I got 320~ apm ;]

and 300 of them are missclick? D


some punk rock and ska punk is always good :D


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