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NSL2 Map Path

The 3rd game of Sky vs Remind got a pretty nice map path. Dont know which idiot created the folder, which I cant create in windows


I think it's funny. Next time hosts should hide a message like warcraft\maps\grubby\flamer\NSL...

in this way they can get more attention.


the folder name is 穝戈Ж


square square bigger square wannabe star?


these days hosts are just more creative,especially chinese league hosts & NGL hosts
sometimes I give up watching a rep cuz of these fucked up map paths


still doesn't work. Really fucked up. They should consider this. Same as if I make a nice path with


even the normal map path... using the correct map sometimes i cant play the replay... stupid NSL map


yeah i had the same problem and tried lot of things in the end i deleted the replays from the tournament ;x


there is 2 difrent pack
all replay works for me
just use google




I can copy/paste 新資料夾 here but I can't create a folder with this name... It becomes 4 squares.


here is Chinese file content


map is:新資料夾/NSL2_(4)TwistedMeadows.w3x


Thanks but it simply doesn't work. I think some conversion problem with Chinese characters either in Windows or WC3. But it's simply unfair and unmannered by Chinese hosts to use these characters...


I have the impression that the Chinese are deliberately creating those folders to screw us. I mean come on, the replay/map folders got more and more retarded and suddenly they are in a foreign language?

I heard some NGL replays are now uploaded for Maps/NGL/NGL/NGL/NGL/NGL2008 folders.


Yeah lol, funny stuff, I saw some NGL replays, forget which one it was, but there were 3 NGL paths inside of it. So what I do is I have core map folders, annoying as it is to make them, then just c+p themselves inside each other, so it always works lol. Annoying, but a 2 minute fix nonetheless.


yeah I watched one of those replays, I didn't believe my eyes at first when I saw that error :s


I have had trouble with alot of the maps, i wouldnt have posted my thread but when i first came on this site i was confused by the new layout.




2. NSL MAPPACK:5.25 MB :

try with difrent maps and must works

i watch all replay with this maps


weasel what is your specific map path then for your NSL2 maps? They have to be in different folders since they're named exactly the same in both zip files---nsl2 maps go in the war3x/maps/download folder, BUT where do you have your NSL2 maps 2 maps???




i Have it in 7-8 place
nsl2maps ....
just open repley and u will see proper map patch

2-3 replays even dont work for me
sky vs remind .....


Not the problem about path, maybe they used the wrong map= =
If you know some chinese, you may try a software called 'Repking'


Do you mind explaining us, what this software does?


download the software from this url:
then install it in your pc.

It can download maps from the serva and make the map path itself .

However, the interface of this software is totally Chinese.... so, maybe you should find someone to heap you to finish the installing . And then , it would be very easy :)


I tried this software but it doesn't work for me.


= = I don't konw .... NSL is always crazy


whoever did this, hat down to him AHahaha


I've tried using the string Maps/NSL2_maps/NSL2_maps/(name of map) but can't get any reps up. I've downloaded most of the reps from but I got the maps from MYM, although I've read on other boards that they've had the same problem regardless of where they got the mappack.



install the chinese language pack to your windows and then paste 新資料夾 to it

it works fine for me


Do we need windows CD to do this? I tried a long time ago but I had to give up because I didn't have the CD..


Even Sky vs Remind?


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