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WC3 league/ladder MAPS TOP3

Your personal top 3 of ladder/league(wc3l,NGl1) Maps. No fun maps. Dota poster will be thumbed down.



plunder isle
turtle rock


Twisted Meadows
Turtle Rock
Echo Isle


Twisted Meadows
Turltle Rock
Legendary Lost Temple


Secret Valley
Twisted Meadows
Echo Isles


TM or TR.

Don't know why Gnoll Wood got so popular in tournaments lately. It features lots of position luck and enhances most matchup imbalances.


GW is a horrible map (second only to LT). It's biggest problem are the inner mines with a whopping 25000 gold which lasts hours. Any team who gets an inner mine has a distinct advantage, especially human who can tank/gyro all game.

I seriously do not see how LT hasn't been (or wont be) patched. The map is biased in favour of HU and Orc, forcing all UDs and 50% of the time NE having to veto. Surely that is enough to suggest an issue.

Back on topic, my personal favourite maps are:

TM: Reasonably balanced. HU's tough expo option is reinforced by the easy observatory creep.

EI: Probably the most balanced map. HU can expo, UD can harass, NE have countless options, Orc can item creep and abuse the fact that there is only one shop, denying NE healscrolls.

TR: If it were not for close spawn shenanigans, this map would a lot more fair. Despite this, the map forces different gameplay (eg. AoW vs AoW, MK first etc), item drops, plenty of chokes, while also having a tavern.


how do you suggest it be fixed then? What changes do you think would improve it?


reducing inner gold mines to 15000 gold and powering up those shop creeps so the blademaster doesn't go around leveling to level 3 and buy circlets on the run.


Lost temple I mean.


maybe putting a tavern on 2 points NW and SE of the Temple area. But LT is just to old to get fixed, and too broken. Crossed position will always be freewin for Human, no matter what you change.
Best fix is too make new maps.

and hypnoob, stop thumbing me down when I call out your no skill race and you have nothing to say against it.


I like the fact its a map that DOESNT have a tavern. Doesnt that Lost temple Prima or w/e have a tavern top left and bottom right? Imo a mercenary camp would be more interested.


In terms of LT, I would push the naturals expansion locations further away from spawn, and slightly more central. This would increase the distance HU would need to travel to FE, while making it slightly closer to harass. I don't think making the camp tougher would do much as HU would just get a better item/more xp which would counteract the effort needed to creep it.

I'd probably try and find somewhere for a tavern, but being tavern-less is what LT is all about. Unfortunately, the panda is crucial to both NE and UD. Without the panda, NE strugglea against gargs/towers, while UD struggle against gyro/tank/towers.

The other change I would make has more to do with heal fountain statistics rather than LT specific. Something that allows all races to creep/fight with roughly the same effort.


Bor leagues i liked much Maelstrom


All but LT and GW.


The legendary Lost Temple
Turtle rock (yeah its hard, but a challenge once in a while is fun)
Gnoll wood

Twisted meadows sucks.


3 legendary maps which have been in the pool since 2003
1.Lost Temple
2.Turtle Rock
3.Twisted Meadows

My personal favorite maps:
2.Lost Temple
3.Twisted Meadow(most classic matches were on TM)


Twisted meadows would be alot better if a) there was a bit more balance to the creep strength: They are all either too weak, too strong, too far, or have gay purge), and b) Islands were removed to stop the island hoarding/towering/camping.


too weak,too strong,too far so what exactly do you complain ? The map aint that big,imo the creep is fine,just need to buff the lab creep so HU cant sweep it too early.
Agree on the island removal.The island mines just make the longer and much boring,only UD expo on it with garg,HU expo on it when they play gay towers.
I can always name at least 3 of the greatest games on TM


human can't creep the island dragon easily. shackles don't work, and gyros suck against single heavy air (not to mention that it is heavy armor).

think about what human needs to get level 2 archmage. The fast lab is at the cost of much economy and the risk of 5 peasants, the 5-3-3 purge creeps are almost impossible, and the green ones give hardly any exp at all. TBH the labs needs to be nerfed a bit.


Cool map. :)
Bloodcastle... I still remember.


You're kidding me right? I've seen plenty of humans that easily creep the lab without losing any peasant even if the hero from the enemy comes straight to the humans base/creeping. Also the 2 3-3-5 camp is rather easy for human, water elemental soaks most of the damage up and you are nearly level 2 after finishing it. Or you don't know how to creep with water elemental (vs purge) either?


I think we have a retarded human player. correct me if im wrong, arch, but human is the only one who can even stand a chance at fast creeping the lab, with the chance of XP tome (with exception of NE, taking a lot longer and delays tech).


thats why I said that the lab creep should be fix
die_noobelves should go restart his pc


how can people thumb die_noobelves up when he uses his wc3 wisdom against me?


I have seen plenty , but in plenty of times u get your Water Elemental ensnared (and now don`t tell me "noob" because I have seen many times this happen to Tod , Sky and Infi) + if its a close spawn ur opponent can kill plenty of peasants and sometimes u can get crap item (one that is totaly useless vs the race u play ) These trappers need to be fixed + the Gnolls sometimes purge twice so lab might be ok , but buffing it is ridiculous.Pls hold the Undead in yourself


maaaan creeping lab is not so hard, yes its a risk but only if your opponent is lucky enough to be right next to you on the side of the lab. Otherwise its a free lvl 2 like LT for human.


maelstrom was a fun map :)



in b4 noobelves


i miss roc ;x



fix upper case error


1. Echo 1.17
2. Lost Temple
3. Maelstrom

and yes, i am orc!


You are honestly retarded! Echo 1.17 was the MOST IMBA MAP EVER!!



in b4 noobelves


Lost temple
Turtle Rock
Gnoll Wood


hate big maps where u have to run ages ;D


1. lt
2. tr
3. ts


1.TR (even if I never win on this xd)
2. TM
3. EI/TS


Turtle Wood? ;o

1. Twisted Meadows
2. Echo Isles
3. Terenas Stand (when not facing gay human)


u can`t just meet always Orcs on TS u know






Terenas Stand (best map that ever made)
Echo Isles (


1. Orc Temple
2. Orc Wood
3. Orc Valley


you mean TED Valley ( ;D )


1. SV
2. MS
3. TS

me orc


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