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Line up :

Jéremy " sousou " Godefroy ( CAPTAIN/LIG )
Years old : 21 ans
Nationality : French
Link ESL :
Ex-Teams : eXtensive - NITROSE - iCon - Drakonia - PunchLine - Mistral.Tt - iGamerz
Offline achievement :
.Xtrem family I lan mw2 : top2
.Xtrem family II lan mw2 : top2
.Xtrem family III lan mw2 : top4
.Restless38 : top1
.Tenerife Lan Party 2K11 : top2
.Frag-o-matiC 13.1 : top1
.Gamonlive 2012 mw3 : top6
.Gamers Assembly 2012 mw3 : top1

Mathieu " nejiwww " Godefroy
Years old : 17 ans
Nationality : French
Link ESL :
Ex-Teams : NITROSE - SakGe - 1puRe - Mistral.Tt - iGamerz
Offline achievement :
.Gamonlive 2012 mw3 : top6
.Gamers Assembly 2012 mw3 : top1

Vincent " Dr1z " Cantournet
Years old : 19 ans
Nationality : French
Link ESL :
Ex-Teams : SakGe - 4NOT.AMD - PunchLine - iGamerz
Offline achievement :
.WDJV 2008 cod4 : top 1
.SEO LAN #4 2009 cod4 : top 1

Jérôme " zLRRR " Froment
Years old : 21 ans
Nationality : French
Link ESL :
Ex-Teams : PunchLine - Mistral.Tt - iGamerz
Offline achievement :
.GAlloween 2011 : top2
.Gamonlive 2012 mw3 : top5
.Gamers Assembly 2012 mw3 : top1

Simon " Fripou " Depierre
Years old : 22 ans
Nationality : French
Link ESL :
Ex-Teams : Mistral.Tt - SakGe - iGamerz
Offline achievement :
.EPSILAN 2007 cod4 : top4
.EPSILAN 2008 CSS : top2
.Galloween 2011 bo : top3
.Gamers Assembly 2012 mw3 : top7
.EPSILAN#9 2012 Shootmania : top 4

I/ The Team

Our line-up has been meticulously
composed with experienced and stable
players from the Call of Duty series, who
played together ( or against ) since 2 or 3

Each players participated in many offline
and online events where they always placed
in Top 3.

All of them managed to make themselves
known on the Call of Duty scene and have
always been at the highest level.

We’re already proving on the Call of Duty :
Black Ops scene / Modern Warfare 3 scene and we will be the top
team on the next Call of Duty opus, Black Ops 2.

II/ Our Ambitions

We took the best European and French players from CoD:MW2 ,
CoD:BO and CoD:MW3 to do the best line-up on the future opus Black Ops 2.

Simply, we’re going to make sure to be the best team on this opus from
the first day. Then we will attend every competitions announced online
and offline and especially those like EAS, EPS and EMS .

We were the best on CoD:MW2 , CoD:BO , CoD:MW3 and it will be the same on CoD:BO2 ...

III/ What we are looking for ?

In order to support us throughout our project, we’re looking for a good organization
ready to support us reasonably if and only if ever the game goes really competitive! We
won’t ask for much at the beginning as we would like to first prove you that we’re a
team you can trust and a good team to support!

It’s really important for us as a first step to have a very good relationship between
staff, management and every member from your organization, participating in the
structure’s life is also something important for us. We perfectly know that supporting a
new team requires a lot of discussion.

Thus said, we are a team with which you will never have any problems because each
us perfectly knows that the structure’s organization image is really important. And
we’re here to represent it at the highest level.

Best regards, wiSkzj.

Contacts :

Mail :
Xfire : wiskzje
Steam : wiskzje


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