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call of duty 4 console application (please write back)

I’m writing to you to ask you if you are interested in recruiting a XBOX 360 Call of duty 4 side.We no you allready have a Call of duty 4 console team allready but we was wondering if we could be a 2nd team. Our current name is MoB.eXcessum, We are an English team with all members currently being English. We have been a team for around 1-2 years now and have competed on a lot of games on the XBOX 360. Some of these games are:
- Rainbow six Vegas
- Rainbow six Vegas 2
- GRAW 2
- Halo 3
- Call of duty 4
We have changed our name a lot over this time, but think its time to look forward and try to progress in gaming by joining a well known/established team/clan.
Our team consists of:
- Kyle 'CasanoVa' Black (me)
- Lewis 'hypezZ' Bourne
- George 'RaMBo' Elvins
- Conner 'xSmithy' Smith
- Liam 'CazzuaL' Biggs (Coach)

We attend all LAN events as well as online tournaments’.
We are currently in a LB final in a tournament, and winning our league in the UKeSA tournament. We have attended LAN's in the past such as XL4/XL5
We finished a respectable 5th/6th, which was good with the competition at the time.
We have a portfolio of achievements which if you are interested i will happily show to you.
We want to represent an organisation with a name as big as yours to help bring the best out of ourselves, i feel if we represent you it will be beneficial for;
- Your name - Your name will enter the world of the XBOX community, your site will be visited frequently as we would promote it.
- Ourselves - As i said before I feel if we represent a big organisation like yourselves it would help bring the best out of me and my players.
- Sponsors and supporters - With us attending LAN events and having the website in our Bio/mottos (A section on the Xbox where a personal message can be displayed to the community) this will promote all sponsors and supporters giving them more advertisement. Also when attending LAN events T-shirts with your name and sponsors could be printed on them, further more advertisement.

I would be very thankful if you replied, if your interested or not.

Yours sincerely
kyle 'CasanoVa' black
or add me on xbox live MoB CasanoVa


here is a link to our youtube page to see all the match's we record have fun :)


Casanova ?
What the hell are you doing ?


pOizoN wrote:
Casanova ?
What the hell are you doing ?
just seeing if SK went a 2nd cod4 team if u dont says u dont get


casanova means UK team mainy XL


You have already mailed this text. I'll contact you as soon as there is an answer.

An application in the forum is always the worst try. a quick looking on the page, and you will find the persons who are responsible for the group you are interested in.


CasanoVa wait for some teams to come your way pal. It's the best way.



there are many teams who are better than you!


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