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Best team at PES2009

which team is the best at pes2009?

i think Manchester Un. and national is SPAIN




Spain,Real Madrid,Argentina,England,Netherlands,...


Spain and Barca


Manchester United, France


Premier league : Man utd / chelsea
Spain : barca
Italy : AC Milan
National : Brazil / Spain


chelsea and inter


chelsea and spain


spain and real madrid..:)


Definetly just cannot stop f*** Messi and Etto,they have solid defence and excellent midlefielders...add Keita,Alves,Hleb and other newcomers and they are simply unstoppable.
ManU is also good,C.Ronaldo is overpowered too...


MU & Barca








brasil, as always
club: newcastle with 4-2-4. owen, martins - wings, viduka smith - center
noone can stop them


Manchester united. =)


National--> Brazil n Spain


Barca and brasil


hmmm i must say barca ,man u ,inter,milan ,and chelsea i good also but messi and eto are unstopable ,so is ibrahimovic :)


Brasil for Ronaldinho Robinho , etc. Good players


Brasil for Ronaldinho Robinho , etc. they r ' Good players


Brasil for Ronaldinho Robinho , etc. they r ' Good players


Spain , in clubs there's pretty even, non mentioned Inter, Ibrahimovic is pretty silly.


barca, inter...


Club: Manchester United ; National: Spain


Manchester United


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