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Your Nickname

` for not being kicked out of 1.5 servers
and my name being aditya, cousin used to call aiya (aayyeeaaa) and so i included the missing alphabets of my name to make it aiya`dt
my alternate alias is Tony Mosh



Not baller as in balla..

Brrlllla .. sumin like that its pronounced xD


it's a long story :D


yeh hahaha xD


I had like Agent007 I was too little lol


my nickname is from the movie name " robocop " =>


^^zem zem zem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Teheh! - I play on roleplay server! so when i am about to make my character! I Always think of a name there would suit the character!
My chars 'til now.
Gauziuz - Draenei Priest
Arzidon - Draenei Shaman
Keltharuz - tauren druid
Òlvan - Mage gnome
Shanoria - human warlock :>
I pick my names wisly! and so should you!


and the thanonemoz is because i am in class with soo many emoes so i call me '' the non emo'' thanonemoz :>
goth or emoes or punkz.. whotevoz
It's unique and mine ;>


My name is Sabina so sabz is just short for it.
My old nickname was daQueen which i got in 7th grade when all girls had their own nicknames on themselves.


my nick is my motto for games :P

its not funny to lose everytime, so work on your skill and the game will be more funnier ;)


My sister, Athena, was playing online before me, but I would always play on her account on GameSpy. People would come in talking to her, and I would say "No, this is Athena's twin!" So, people started coming and and asking is this Athena or her twin? When I created my own online account and I chose my name "Athena Twin", not very orgional, huh? You guys can call me Twin, just don't call me happens too much already (even interviewers and my own clan members do it, arrg) :-D


we had a group of gamers from my town. EndlessFear , EndlessFire and i'm EndlessViolence ;P one day just came to my mind.sometimes i write it just Endless :> etc


I got my nickname from the polish people :D

strajk means striker

and the "-" i got from "kuben-" player of PGS from ESWC 2007 ^^

strajk- :D


My nickname is actually "devine" but this site said that when you join up again at the start you can have your desired nickname even if the person hadn't logged in for about 3 years - but that never infact worked (I think SK hate me :(). I wanted something that was simple but looked good, so I just swapped the "i" in "divine" for an "e" and voila...


i like tolkien


I like being physical, too much energy. So I just replaced S with a Z: PHYZical and removed ical.


saZ - I don't know why, I have just thinked about nick and BOOM! its saZ :D


mhm , from Supernatural


from shattered ;D;D



Wel I was a little drunk on a x-mas evening and I created this priest: Pateroli

Pater: I had this book in front of me :"Life of Father Damien" (In dutch hes called Pater Damiaan)
So I took the word "Pater"! Because it sounded nice for a priest (healer)

Oli: First 3 letters of my real name

So if you translate it in english it's "Father Oli" :P

For more information about Father Damien


From Jhoker... My Nickname iS jhoReR..


epsilon in school , geman lesson.


Ragde, is my name writen backwords


RhaDos* because my name is Radu ;)


punch me... all to say about that


r0NNii. by


Well.. okay the truth is that my name is from Chatte which is french and means pussy.=======D


stranjah from stranger... sounds same)


My friends call me JACK, and i started po play my way and decided to add c0re for the great finish :D:D:D:D:D




hazxer cuz i haxx much


My friends call me Miske, but i putted numbers insteed of letters and get m15k3 :D sry for bad eng


From my name xD


from my name Paul - paul1ca :P


Got it from a band called charta77 :)


ShEmmaL'le :PPP
bkr xD


my nick is from my keyboard's function. (Razer Lycosa)

The function is called "WASD-function" which allows only the wasd-keys glowing blue :P

wasd became wasd0, dont know :)


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