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Ok, that was wierd

well i had just accepted someone onto my friends list whos name i cannot remember but just as i did it i got a nortan anti virus pop up telling me a ripper trojan was trying to get into my pc, i clicked block ovcorse but id just like to warn anyone just incase i didnt get it from this site! im probebly wrong but better be safe that sorry!


it's just impossible (:


This happened also in one game when man clicked on one player (manager) antivirus wanred him :S

Nothing to worry about. :)


That is weird. Maybe just a weird coincidence. I woulnd't worry about it, sometimes security softwares find imaginary threats


Dunno, maybe norton is just reacting to javascript. It's a shitty piece of software really.


Yeah Norton is awful!!


Dont worry about. It's definitly not from us :)


Great timing, prolly the pornsite you had going in the background :[


sk.trojan.hsggwp.exe lol.


ok i wasnt to wurryed just wanted to warn someone just incase


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