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New message system

Hey everyone,

sorry but had to delete the messages. A small bug caused replies not to work. But now everything should be ok!

New with the site is that conversations are grouped together.


gj bds :)


Nice to see all the effort your putting into the new site bds, keep it up :)


gj bds and thx

i need a view, wich friend is online !



Nice work bds


the grouping is really good.
now i just hope to get the old messages back. any possibility there?


sorry for post again. i´m talking ´bout the messages from sk v3


Nice job bds ;)


i've hardly even used the message system yet lol


nice bds! keep up :D


allright :)


Are you predicting adding new feature "delate messages" ?




And do you'll back up messages from old site?


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