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most friends

they could be guys in disguise :)


its ok becouse who the hell has 500 real life freinds? and all play CS?
that person needs to be banned vac for harresment for adding poeple who dont even know who he is lol


If any of you cocktards add in friends, and never spoken to me before, i'll kick them sorry asses.


Thats not very nice to say hh but still if you give me a screenshot of a full freinds i buy you a new acer laptop


i was ranked 60 in the old page :(


I do think the list is kind of useless, but the good thing is you don't have to look at it and if people try to add you as their friend you always have the possibility to deny them if you want to. Personally I think having hundreds of friends just screws up some of the main functions that makes the whole "Friends" thing useful - like the latest actions. If you accept a lot of attentionwhores (truth hurts huh) as your friends, the only thing your recent friends action list will say is xxx is now friends with yyy :p

While I find it useless for myself, I easily understand why it's there and as you can see it does attract many people, so it brings more functions/traffic to the site which usually is a good thing for a site as big as this. If people want to be friends with people like "onscreen", I'm sure they feel very special - after all, HE (you know, the guy with the chick pic) only has 1641 other "friends".

Sorry, I'm just in a slightly sarcastic mood ;)


Don't see the problem tbh =)


I accept only people from my country or some famous people


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