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Insider Bot


the Insider bot is now back online again. So who ever wants to to visit us at irc, you are welcome to do this now. Have fun!


So how does it work without SKinsider? Anyone can join?


I'm guessing there would be a method to prevent non-insider members from joining otherwise it would be pointless wouldn't it?


How could do bot be operational if the SK Insider pages aren't online? I mean even if Bds transfered the accounts to the new site, there no content for it yet and why would people pay for something that's not there? Makes no sense to me.


They arent looking for new payers for SKinsider.. they are just giving the guys who are insider at the moment something!


Old Insider accounts were transfered, addionally i also moved qauths of the old database. We should have an option to change the qauth soon as well.

I added the bot again, because it keeps you informed about if anyone is going to play on the servers, since we have no function for it on the page right now. And of course generally to talk again and so on.


I've just added a RSS bot in #Sk (SK|News). It's writing out the latest rss feeds.


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