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How many CS-Videos have you?????

I have 25 videos :D


two xD


3 maybe self made hehe


400kg-The-Movie, AWP_vital_weapon, b-b_goes_inferno,, coL-playoff-top10, complexity_armageddon, crazy_glock_prod_-_best-russia-awp, cs_legenden3, eoLithic(by Zaknafein), EYEVeniVediVici, forze(old), HiO by oui2, M19(by Zaknafein), M19_-_The_Revolution_Is_Here2, M19_The_Epoch_of_1.5,, mousesports_CS_Movie, MOVIENATIONS.COM.crazy_glock2, Ninja_style_-_Ninjas_of_the_cyberspace, Polish_Superplayers, RuinationFinalXviD, RUSSIAN_CFG_HD-720p_by_SOM, SK-Believe, team-pubmasters-themovie, UnknownStars,, Virtus_Pro_2005, VirtusPro_vs_SK_ESWC2004, walle_-_Tiffany_Twisted, WCG2002-HTB, wNv-The_Surreal


4 atm does zet has his one movie?
if yes the title plz


ty very much tumb up!


"This is a Counter-Strike movie about the ex-french TEAM ZET ( N O T the NiP !).
ZET was at the ESWC french finals in june 2006. After, some players joined the team EFC.cs others became inactives.
This movie presents frags during PCWs, LANs and

is it zet or not:P?


no it is not the player zet those the PLAYER ZET has his one movie?


does someone hase a link where i can download his movies not demos but full movies or minimovies.


I need a movie of the PLAYER "Zet" :P not normal movies but ty anyway!


Like 20 gigs of CS movies...
I usually don't keep the bad ones and try to download only the well-made and interesting ones.

But I have tons of demos... Really, a loooot of demos xD


4 or 5 , but my favorite has to be "Bsl from the block..." the best CS movie you could possibly see...I personally recommend it. Too bad they don't have it on youtube anymore..


i only have one, eolithic's :)


i have 68 ;)


Oui Hardcore is Over
GeT_RiGhT or die tryin`
Sick Sad Bombsight
f0rest - Revenge
KODE5 Finals movie 2007
molander frag movie
n0thing, but headshots
WuVid - by #drail
rkO` frag movie v1/v2
e5 team movie

and lots of highlightes, live footage video from lan events. =D


Sick Sad Bombsight is nice =)


yeah, its pretty cool, but editing sux :p


185 movies (45gb)


1 :D :D wahahaha


I have the original Bombsight.avi and Oui - hardcore is over

So the answer is: 2.


2 at the moment :/ Had more before I began with WoW :)




30 gb :)


i have 0 lol.


hmm... i think about 50 :D


20GB, now!


oh i have 60G


maximum 10






148 atm :-D


maybe 3 or 4 not sure :)


3 Movies =)




60 gB




~20 movies


11 movies : )


just 3


just 3 - dont need more :)


59 movies


just 2


had 3 but deleted them


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