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The number?

What's about the number beside our nick... how do I increase that number, almost everybody got 1... kind of ranking? how's it works?



It seems like it's your "Forum-Level".
My guess would be that "Number of Friends", "Online time", "Thumbs up", "Number of Posts", "Profile Visits" etc. contribute to that level.
But it would be nice if someone who really knows it would post here^^


I miss my squares ;(


yeah, i was about to create forum about this meter :D I would also like to know what it does and what it measure ;))


The new "level bar" replaces the old squares that we had before.

You get XP from doing certain things on the site, and when you gain enough XP you will level up.

So the number is your level, and the blue bar represents how much XP you have gained in that level. When it's near the top, you're obviously close to levelling up.

No one knows what you need to do to gain XP (except bds of course), so I just suggest being 'active' on the site and hope it goes up :p


hm, so it's like playing WoW then :p Where can I choose my talents after i reach lvl 5 ? ^^


are u addicted ? :s


ofc no, i'm just kidding :))


haha that would be pretty cool though :p


not u especially :)


hm, SK Gaming site will be like game, in the beggining as lvl 1, u will have all disabled, and as you lvl up and gain XP, you can choose things like edit description, use html codes and so on and so on

It could be pretty cool, don't you think? :p


Add everybody to your friendslist, then they'll visit you thinking "who is he/she" and you'll get hits.

Or/and get all of your friends to "thumb you up" :)


I want my epic squares!!


lol ahhahahha


how come I dont see my lvl ? :D


I am three now but I really don't know how I got that. It's a strange system but I guess it is based on thumbs donw/up, profile visits, posts etc..


This new system replaces the squares I guess. And yeah it probably takes many things in consideration from the thumbs up/down to the online times, number of comments/posts/threads and visits and such.


It's surelly a mix of things and most likely depends on activity and interaction with other users in the website!


Nerd factor on? G0 G0 Cpt. maJor Spamm, I'm first.


If people hate you, you wont get the "level/rank/whatever" to go up since they always thumb you down. Like me :\



dont worry, I give you my first thumb up :)


I love you


"New level system:
- 1000 XP per level, max level 100.

You get XP for certain activiates on the site. NOTE that spam will not increase your XP."




51 ok


You guys won't be able to figure out the algorithm unless bds decides to share it which is something he hasn't been doing in the past for obvious reasons that immature members would abuse it in order to gain a higher status/level on the site. It is probably very similar to the former square one and if I recall correctly (bds feel free to comfirm this), it uses statistics based upon thumbs up and down along with threads created and comments/posts. Might also consider guestbook, visits and friends although I doubt it.


u get another thumb from me SwaT :) My second ! *hugs


thanks to all of you!


if you own aliens...the level increase!


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