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Feature requests for new site

thanx for we can edit profile :)


how we can leave some groups ? :s i can delete groups but i can't leave groups ! can somebody give me more information? thx anyway


we need to deny guys wanting to join groups


will it be possible to just select and delete notifications of new forum replies instead of always actually having to visit the forum to make the number go away?


Is the notification-thing I requested on the works or are you even planning to do one (option to only get notifications on posts on your threads & replies to your comments)? If not, any way to turn notifications off?


Yes, will add it for everything, you can already set it for friend invites in account settings.


great :)

thanks for putting so much effort on the site - hands down the best coverage site there is!


and member id ? can make this thing ?


and plz let us desactivate the "someone wrote something on this dumb topic"...


I was thinking that it would be cool if you could create another level of "reply cascading" within the forums in case someone replys to another reply from the original. There's still room left. Would be nice :)


request : can modify trumbs if make error :)


Ok, here are some more suggestions:

- Remove the underlining of nicknames and message times for the comments, and maybe change the font, it could look better I think.
- Do not show in red how many new messages there are in the threads/news where we posted but instead only show a number in red when there are replies _to our own posts_. It's a bit annoying to have to visit the thread again just to get rid of the red icon, and that way we'll only have to do it if it concerns us.
- In the same "new comments" page, maybe include like on the old SK page the latest threads we created and the latest threads we commented in, and not simply our latest visits. I can visit a thread I don't care about and not think about it again but usually if I post in one I might want to actually follow the discussion later.
- Regarding the friends and the visitors, I really prefer the old system of displaying the complete list of nicknames with the flags. It's simply better when I want to visit someone's page. What you could do would be a complete list of nicknames like before and the option to see more and get to the current full list with the pics.
- As for the "Friend actions" box, it's interesting but I like to be able to see what _ I _ did last. On facebook it's nice to be able to see what events your friends are attending, what pictures they posted since you might be on those pics etc, but here I don't really care who wrote in what thread and who wrote guestbook entries to whom.
- The description box isn't wide enough in my opinion :)
- Like I said, for the news, the old system of flag + game + title in boxes allows an easier and faster look at what you haven't read yet and what you're interested in.
- I'm personally against the idea of masking comments. Even if a comment doesn't please many people I'll still want to read it, sometimes even more since I'll want to see what the fuss is about and why he's getting negative thumbs. So it's a waste of time to have to press "show" on every single hidden comment. In my opinion if you are to keep the thumbs you should only keep the "+" thumb, like on ESReality. The system works great with only positive thumbs.

Those are suggestions and therefore obviously contain some criticism but I do think the site is getting nicer and nicer so keep it up.


*What I meant was remove the underlining of message times, not remove message times. And I think the old way of showing when each message was posted is more effective, since it gives a precise time instead of "17 hours ago", "2 days ago" etc.


good point with the times for posted messages. also the old way of displaying friends was quite cool in the previous version.
for the underlining and changing fonts: i would leave the fonts as they are. the underlining is not really necessary


The whloe idea with friends actions is that it should be interesting, so only add the people you do know.

Comments page and how comments work will be rewritten.

Will also look more into the member page.


what i want to propose is the possibility to give thumbs also for the creator of the topic. there are too many useless topics.
and it would be nice to have a button for the next site also at the beginning of the topic so that you dont have to scroll down


Another idea that might already have been mentioned: the option to add pages to a "saved" or "favorites" list that will simply store them in case you want to visit them even months later. Basically the same thing as on gotfrag where you can click on the "+" in the top right corner for each page and it will save it in your favorites (on gotfrag itself, not in your browser). It can be pretty handy.


Yeah alrady have that on my todo list!


Didn't see this thread earlier ! :) bds, is it possible atm to change our country? Once again, may I ask you to add "Monaco" in the list of countries, I can see the "mc" flag is already uploaded. :)


i know im lazy but i dont want to read over all the threads, i would like to be able to accept that ppl have me as their friends, but not add them on my profile, like it was before.. :( i dont like to deny ppl but i dont want everyone in my list Lol!!!!!

the friend list is not the type i like (tahts personal tho) i would like to see the names and not to have to click on view all or seomething, so no small pictures:S

sometimes i lose my number of new msgs too, and i dont know which one did i reply too because i visited my own profile and but didnt read my new msg so the number of new msgs desapear O.o i dont like that cause i dont reply RIGHT away to my msg and then i forget to reply at all lol T_T


Could you add Zalman to headsets?
quite alot of ppl use them



Usually the amount of comments is a good indicator for a good thread, but why not rate the thread initiator? I should be able to "thumb up" this thread.

Being able to rate matches, it would be intresting to have a monthly top 10 list of matches, and an all time list of top 10 matches in each game. Same rating system for Videos/Movies. What about news?

Videos should have integrated video (btw Geemag video quality seems iffy, are there no better hosts, like revver?). A download option, would be cool to for the hardcore fans.

If you look at this news (, it would be cool if you could click on the picture and then you would get a higher res one. Would be cool if this was with all posts with pics.

for Hardware profile
-nvidia 8800GT
-ati what about the 3800 series?

Can you prevent people from attempting to re-add you as friend (after denying their request) for lets say a week or 2?

This one is for later, but I find that most clans do a poor job of documenting their achievements/history. It is fine to list the successes but other than that what about the rest? Where is the timeline that shows who was part of SK and when. Possibly have integrated video to document those moments. The wiki entry seems a little incomplete, but at least it has more info then on this website at the moment.


Nice ideas, a few of them are already in the works!


kick group member needed :)


friends remove???

many users with friends spam :(


Can i put my eswc 2007 video on my profil ?


i asked for that very often...
it´s always "yes, this will come"


good idea it miss


would be nice now. to delete 4 attempts of sending this geemag...
can i opt out please???


Was my mistake with four copies, and yes you will be able to opt-out!


Possibility to see online status on friendlist with (but it's not necessary and not a so good idea because this website is already a hunting ground) a specific logo for Male or Female


Hi... i think, there will be better if avatar pictures in comments will be larger or no... but great work with the new page bds... n1


US-Shandris added tot he Rankins page would be nice, ty.


True... :-(


I think no and it isn't really necessary to do so.






add polls


if you'll make a Head News feature in the profiles you will get more Votes for e-stars and not only for this because half of the people here don't even go to the Home Page of the site , they go directly to their profile link,
you could make like the section of the config , with the name Head News , and show only the title or the title and a picture and when they click it they get sent to the respective news !


We need poll edition option pls.


add chat with friends online =)
for exemple: facebook :x


add option for making own gaming player account (CS 1.6)


A calculator which shows visitors.
Not the old kind that showed visits, since people will just spam and so on, but visitors.
It'd have to take days before my visit to someones profile will be calculated as another visitor so the spam tactic won't work!

My suggestion, your call. ;>


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