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Bugs & Improovement

Ok there should be some fixes and improovements as all new websites have i suppose and these are some i found so far.

- There is no lost password option when logging in.
- The Logout Button is not where it should be but 1 row below when viewing in IE.


- we cant deny someone who's applying yo a group


The member search-bar can't find a member whose nickname includes a " - " or " _ "


I think that all comments should be shown as defect, not hidden. Threads with lot of hidden comments looks ugly :S


1. How am I able to edit my profil?
2. How am I able to write a blog?


- first post need some CSS (div class=h4)
- float bugs for post time ('xx minutes ago')
- the shop is loaded twice :)

... using opera 9.24


- we cant deny someone who's applying to your friendlist


- The upload of pictures doesn't work:)


If someone add you as friend,.. he becomes also your own friend,.. that's a bit annoying


and to suggest something:
maybe limit the "thumb up/down" feature only to SK members, Forum mods and thread starters to prevent abuse :)


Will fix all these issues.


Thanks bds :)


-Female is spelled Femle
-I keep getting an error when trying to post in someone's gb


What error?



I wish it said something I could help you with but that's it


Ow, it disappeared now :)
I hope there's going to be a delete/edit button in the final version



damn it... the "4 new comments" graphic disappeared, not the error

So sorry for making a mess here :/


Guestbook works now!


Ow and my comments graphic is stuck on "4 new comments", while there aren't any

and Improvement is written with one o, sorry for whining about tiny details


haha typisch nightfoal:D


Thats coming!


A spelling mistake in Contacts players writen as llayers. "We recruit our llayers actively ourselves"


I agree about the friends-part

It's not because someone wants you as a friend that you also want him/her as your friend :p



maybe it's still on the to do list, but there is literally no groups functionality except of creating a new one and adding comments. i cant edit a group later on, nor can i delete it.

the moste of the site looks rubbish in ie6, but then, that's the fault of my employer to still use an old browser. looks fine on firefox mac osx


Az fRoD said the website needs more profile options :)


Added back info and favorites now.


With Opera, Version 9.23, I cannot decline a friend invitation. I press 'Deny' and it loads the same page again and the friend invitation stays.


have you checked this by pressing F5 (complete page reload/refresh)??

Opera use a pretty high cache time for both content and graphics as long
as you don't change the settings (I think 1hour or even more)


sam eproblem with ie6 here. but then ie6 is old. page refresh / ctrl + r didn't help


Working on deny as we speak


Yeah, I tried that.


ok then it's most likely a coding thing

it was just my first guess because I'm using Opera at home myself and if you don't change the cache settings you'll have news pages without any update for hours :)


1)cant leave a group , if i want
2)cant delete comments in my own group
3)cant go to the 2nd page of my guestbook
4)cant write html in description

NICE new site SKers :)GoodJob ! Keep goin!


can you please put the ids on the posts in the guestbook like it was before ?


- Edit Profile for changing nick and country
- the discription is a bit weak, i loved the flags
and the bold en centering...
- and the friends actions is anoying!!! :D


I also noticed that if you have new messages in your guestbook and new friend requests and you accept a friend, the guestbook notice just disappears.

It's not that big a deal, and it might even be intentional but it seems a bit weird


- friends actions is annoying
- put the ids on the guestbool
- view exactly what the person wrote to us in its last comment (guestbook)


-I can't make a thread, if i click the "create a thread button" i just get an empty page with just the word deleted on it


in the awards page all quake awards show as q4.


Also the rest of the awards have errors like it shows sc2 for a lot, etc..




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