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Visa or Mastercard?!

Which one?! and what's the difference? O.o


i got visa
accepted more places




Viza junior :P




cash ofc!


lostsoul wrote:

me to!


Actually MasterCard is the most common one. Heard that they dont accept visa everywhere in The States, cos it got some glitches which make it take money like twice from the same store/payment or something. So theyve gotten too many complaints about those that theyve "banned" visa from some stores. MasterCard has worked all around the world - Australia, Singapore, China, all around Europe, and my sister checked the States as well :) South America and Africa left to check! ;D

The Citibank Ultima Credit Card would be an OK one. :D


DotAis4Noobs wrote:
Which one?! and what's the difference? O.o

i dont know .. i have both! :)



Mastercard used to be prefered in the US whereas Visa was popular in the EU. However, they are just competing card chip makers, noawadays, there isn't much difference anymore between the two, so either or is good.

I have a mastercard in the EU and im happy, easy to buy online with, never been rejected.

5 years ago there was a huge difference between the two,nowadays the differences are minimal and mostly revolve on "this free, that free" to attract customers, but the technology around it is more or less equal.


MasterCard :D


Well i guess SK prefers MasterCard =X


Mastercard xD






visa xD




none =D


both :)




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