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YouTube Creep Assistance

Hey, everyone. Back from like a year ago when I was with Nihilum, some dude posted a comment on the NihilumTV channel that said nobody posting comments on the Nihilum channel were from actual members. He was a little rude and ignorant, so I simply deleted his comment and I said there was all the proof he needed. Like six months later, after Nihilum disbanded and Ensidia was on its way, he posted a comment asking for proof. I told him he was a little late and that I was sorry if I offended him. Now, 6 months later, he's calling me a "lying faggot" and posting comments on my videos, calling me fat and all that. The last part was true, I did have some extra baggage because I was injured for a year and couldn't do much.

Bottom line: How do I settle this thing? I blocked his account but YouTube is notorious for sock puppets.


are u like new to the internet? this shit happens all the time
just don't take notice is the best thing to do and eventually he will stop
i have no idea how you can stop him posting comments on your vids since he could just multiaccount ...
disable all comments maybe an option
but anyawys best thing is to ignore and they will stop when they realise that you don't care
goodluck with it ;)


Theres "a lot" of people on this interweb-.- and it is impossible to "block" all of them. Just get on with your life and forget about the spammers :P


yeah they are the ones who don't have social life. ignore them.


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