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Gamer of the year goes to...

I was on the bus back from uni today when some ridiculously good looking 20-22 year old woman got on the bus and sat down in front of me. She was soooooo hot. Anyways after about 2 stops this guy about 25 years old; well built, tall, good looking for a bloke gets on the bus. There were plenty of seats free in front of him but he walks up to the back and looks at this woman, she looks back at him then he goes to sit down next to her. Im thinking good luck mate ;P... THEN out of his bag he pulls none other than a Nintendo DS, turns it on, starts playing mario and doens't look up again, (i got off the bus 20 mins after that). LOL i was grinning the whole way home, he got some really funny looks from some other girls and even a few guys haha. So thats why he is awarded with gamer of the year.


yeh i just realised reading it isnt funny at all, u had to be there


blog would be more appropriate for those kind of stuff


blog would be more appropriate for those kind of stuff


i can imagine it, so it does seem a bit goofy. i think this sortof goes with the video games or sex poll by the way youre describing the situation :D


Boozywoozy wrote:
gAymer of the year

Loool~ n1




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