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He was born to win

While I was chatting with my girl friend (my friend who is a girl, I'm not a lesbian ;P), another friend of mine (who is a boy) sent me this video.

Firstly, I didn't pay any attention to his message because I thought it'd be the same as the other spam ones. I was too busy listening to some Korean songs.

But I guess I was wrong. After a while, when I got tired of listening to my favourite playlist (due to my stupid headphone), I started to check out all the messages which I received minutes ago. And....

*Almost crying*
He was born to win, indeed.


I just felt like we should all thank God for whatever we have.. God bless you Nick =)


He was born to be the winner 200% !!

I dont' believe in god, and He makes all that thing by himself, he himself overcomes all his difficulties in life, not god.

Nick, you are amazing, so amazing :XXX


yeah but he belives in God!...God bless NICK


i use to keep calling myself as a spoiled girl and after watching this, i've realized how fucking spoiled i am.
I always complain about everything suck in my life >.


i am crying now


this is unbelievable "I love living life. I am happy!" woooww
I wept :S


That was just... breathtaking... wow... I'm speechless at the moment.


That guy is an angel , full respect.


thx 4 showing the vid ... I`t shows & learns much to me...


i cried a little bit watching him making an effort to stand up after making himself fall off.
he wants to show everyone that there is always light in the darkest night


no Arnold Schwarzeneger, not Silvester Stalone... THIS is a STRONG MAN!!


he has proved that everyone can be a hero without super natural power


Look he can be without lags and hands, (I must to say he got a great power and will to do everything with his life), but (BUT) i saw many more sadly things on the world then a man without lags and hands, believe me, people suffer more then this man. Just imagine. You lost your family you lost everything, you don't have nothing to eat, even to drink a water. Believe me, thats sad. To be a man who got attacked in a war, and he/she lost (ARMS AND LAGS) and being without a family, food water, and u are still in a war, where bombs are falling from the sky every hour. THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD CALL SAD. But anyway (RESPECT TO THIS DUDE) KEEP GOING!!!


God bless this cool guy


bitterly sweet at the begining but as the video going on i'm touched, GOD BLESS YOU!


i have no idea why this video would make anyone cry

he seems to be happy with his life, so whats the big deal... that he has no arms or legs?

ever heard of Stephen Hawking? i think Hawking has done much greater and more important things to this world than being able to stand up (which he cant, and never will, no matter how many times he "tries", even if he still has his arms and legs, cause he is completely paralyzed.... i mean he cant even speak), but i dont think anyone ever cries at him when hes doing his work

this guy seems to have it as his job as an entertainer / motivator to touch people / make them cry, and.... there is nothing bad about this, hes definately someone to look up to, and its truely great hes doing something with his life despite his handicap.... but i still dont see what would be so outstanding about this

...just to get an intellectual, non-emotional point of view across :)


you guys should get real
this dude is pulling in big bucks just cause he is handicapped
the sad thing is that people don't even realize how much they get screwd over by this guy
he knows he can use his disability to his own advantage
i mean sure people are bound to feel sorry for him but still
the principle at which he operates: i will use my disability and make people to feel sorry for me so i can get cash out of them just disgusts me
if we were still in times of ancient greece this guy would have been discarded at birth
instead his life has been turned into 1 e-z mode do nothing and live a pleasurable life

then on the other side you have normal people (both arms both legs) working hard for their money so they can provide for their families
strugling every day thinking how they will feed and cloth their families and provide a roof over their heads
and no fucking one ever stops to feel sorry for them
not just that but they even get mocked because they are poor

seriously stop feeling sorry for this guy
he's pulling $$$ out of his ass and he does nothing to earn it except for putting on a frekshow


Seriously, you make me sick, and i tell u why

If its so like you say that he pulls money in the pocket, we dont know but lets say so, like u said before, then answer me just 1 goddamn thing,

why does he need money? you think it can make it all good again and it makes him happy that money? omfg ill punch you in the fkcing face irl you stupidfck


well... the guy said it himself in the video that he is happy

so what exactly are u talking about?


Omg its sad :(

That's right Nick , you're born to win :)
God Bless You Nick !


If you dont get a chickenskin after hes speach, your not a damn human :s i tell u that..


and if he says hes happy ill believe him

i mean im not saying hes _only_ happy because of the money.... but im sure if he was in his condition AND had no or almost no money, he wouldnt be as happy as he is now (especially since hes not getting the money from welfare, but can claim making it himself) so yea i do think that the money plays a part in his happieness

--> kume isnt completely wrong



well that is just it
he CAN NOT be poor
since he is so severly handicaped the state probably showers him with money anyway
then u add in his income from his circus performances and i guess he's doing just fine

this is the sad part of modern society
the people that contribute NOTHING!!!! (read: this guy is nothing but a waste of sapce and resurces - flame me all you want but it is simply true no matter how sad his story might be) to the comunity get so much social support there is none left for people that do contribute and deserve to get some in return
(i am not saying it is like that in all cases but it is in a lot of them)

i ask you all this
do you realy think he had to work hard for his diploma?
the answer: NO
This guy has had everything handed to him on a plate because if he had to meet the same criteria as the ordinary people he would FAIL
but the bar is so low for him he can acomplish everything

and the only reason why you know about this guy is because NEWS REPORTERS KNOW this guys story is so sympathetic that it's going to be VIEWED a lot and that gets them cash and fame as well.

i would just like to add that i am glad he ahs as good a life as he has but seriously he pisses me off and more then that all stories like that piss me off
he means nothing to me and he has no right (or better put the makers of this video have no right) to make me feel sorry for him just cause he is a hendicapee





"he has no arms and legs so he CAN'T work with his arms or legs, if he would HAVE arms and legs then he WOULD OBVIOUSLY WORK."

if he had legs and arms nobody would ever hear his life story and your sentence is as true as if i say "if he had arms and legs he would be a male prostitute."


in other words he is using his disabilities to get cash as i said before
and no his lectures don't do anyone any good - well except for him
there are millions of more qualified people then him to lecture but they don't get the opurtunity because GUESS WHAT: TEHY ARE NOT POOR LITTLE HANDICAPEES

about your personal atatcks on me:
i am a working man
i contribute to society
i pay my taxes
u need a seruois reality check because u obviously know NOTHING about how real life works
and my english is just fine thank you

anyway i am sorry i got a bit crazily overdefensive but as i said people like him live off people like me and if you don't know how the system works... well let's just say you will learn once u start working and paying all the bullshit that practicaly cuts your paycheck in half

PS: as i said before i have nothing against this guy even though it might seem that way
i do however have much against what he does and how he got through his life by beeing felt sorry for
he is a manipulator
most people might not realize this but it's the truth



hey mate nice to meet you
you can as well try to beat me up IRL for all i care just be prepared for consequences

and about your worth for nothing post:
if he's feeling so terrible inside (which doesn't realy show btw) he can just go off himself

but sadly seeing how he rather enjoys parading around like the freakshow he is this is not going to happen

and don't tell me how blowing your brains out is the "easy way out" because that is just retarded

everyone has a choice
old japanese people do a ritual suecide cause they feel useles
this guy would do the same if he had any honour in him


"old japanese people do a ritual suecide cause they feel useles
this guy would do the same if he had any honour in him"

well, you could say the same about eg Britney Spears


britney spears has (a) kid(s) - lol don't realy know but i am quite sure she has 1 at least
it would be unfair to them to lose their mom


rofl what?
"let's cut off your arms and legs and see how happy you would be"
haha yes cut of my arms and legs and i'd off myself
i propose this guy does the same
was this the response u were looking for?
i already said this before u know maybe u should read what i post before downvoting me and replying garbage

"then you would sit there with no arms no legs and no money. i bet you wouldn't be on sk-gaming trashtalking disadvantaged people then."

yes instead i would go make a movie about how horrible fate has been to me but i still live my life to the fullest so people can feel sorry for me and throw money at me
oh no...on the second thought i wouldn't do that because i just ain't that kind of a person

"your philosofy to not pay taxes do disadvantaged people."
this makes no sense and i never posted anything like that which just proves that u don't know shit about how real life works and all u do is sit in your parents basement while they attend to your every need...


"stop defending yourself. you suck! you will never win this argument. go cry in a corner emo"

lol the only tears i can see here is you creating a waterfall after watching the movie

FYI i already won the argument since u have nothing that actualy makes sense to say to me

i am not emo but u for sure are a swemo (probably only thing worse then an ordinary emo)




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