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SK-Gaming Wallpaper =)

very clean and nice wallpaper :)
i like this one


is nice i like


Very niceee.




Pretty awesome


good work reino (Y)


suht igav.
sk logo suurelt oleks 5x parem
taust muidu ilus


mis mõttes suurelt ?


The logo is kinda off-centered. Other than that its nice, using for now.


Nice & The best wallpaper for cS back ground


beauty : )


yeah meeeen nice work!!! :)))


nice work !


no see märk mis neil keskel on SK (kokku sulatatud"
kui sa teeks selle suureks +3D mingi hõbeda värvi (või vaata ise)
oleks 5x etem :P
ma paneks siis tagataustale :)


eitea see taust eriti ei sobi selle logoga..








pretty sweet indeed.


very easy very nice :)


If You wanna win, there has to be my car :D




Nice One! :)






lol :D






nice wallpaper :)


yes, logo sucks atm, im trying to fix it :)


well i think is the best until now but i kinda hate centered logos


n1 :D so nice




when i am thinking sk.. thats gives me feeling sk = yellow
dont know why, but its would be nice on yellow =)
(srry my bad english)


yeah pretty nice ;)


nice since 1997 -.-


nice picture for SK :D


Please give me advice what i should change !


oO outstanding...



very nice


Taust hea


very nice walper :)


very nice, me likes it


good :)


GJ m8!




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