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Get_Right or in ?

fnatic team is cool with ins or with the new player Get_Right ?


i thinx ins the best =)


ins but GeT_RiGhT is young soo. 50% 50%


get_right is a more agressive player, which that was what fnatic is aiming for.
a solid agressive team.

now thumbs up me. thank you. XD




GeT_RiGhT for me...




yes Get_rich


GeT_RiGhT is a better aim and ins is a better exp. :P

but... for my get is better :P


get_right ofc



hahah what ?


@ shoT_kr

get_Rich ? xD


get_right ofc:)


well, i think GeT_RiGhT, he is on evolution and fnatic will give to him experience and he plays VERY GOOD NOW imagine in a time :]


GeT_RigHT :'D


ins has more experience, sad that he left team :/ but GeT_RiGhT is sick.




ins! get_fat ... (puke) :S


how ins ?


Get_R is good but ins is one of the best cs legend. But GL Get_Right


My personal i prefer ins but i think get will do a good job to. I'm just used to this formula:


think ins it's better then get_right, he's too young


with the new player Get_Right =')


get_right was a needed change in fnatic roster


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