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reflex Test

chekc ur reflex

im do 16


Ok, this game is impossible haha I can't do more than 6 :( !


You hold 8.647 seconds...


You hold 12.09 seconds =D


You hold 11.52 :S i'm a lamer ;(


20 trys to get 33.696 :)


i have [nine] 9 :]]


33sec at first :P


I find this pretty easy actually o_O
First try 22,second one 45
I just kept going a few minutes til I got tired out of it,I find it really easy actually o_O


Wow you cheat or something !! :)


Ah nevermind,this was running too slow because i was running so much crap on my comp,so it wasn't moving so fast for me =x I've done like 40 without slowdown~


im holding 16.23 sec !!!
yo hoooo


0.051sec \o/
fastest, like always!!! :D :P


You Hold 15.31 seconds ....


No slowdown thing this time,about 10-20 each try,managed to get 31 somehow x_o


im on 31 sec im JENIUS !!!


damn.........that game is so bugged.
Too much skipping on my browser


did it like 14 secs..


6.29 -_-
damm :p
try it again x')

7.767 arghh :p


Kinda annoying that it fucks up due to my browser alot ;


first 10.14
second 15.24


54.984... wtf u guys suck


14.656 first
20.327 Second


first 0.925
second 20.31
third 59.1


0.7 sec :EE :o


36 !!!!! im BOMBER !


12 xD


first try 8


xD i got 9 but with a litle practise you go hire ;]


i do 32 sec.

im sucks!


Ur computer affects to this test :--D If slow computer, blue blocks are moving way slower than with fast computer. :)


i do 21sec.


best result 11.353


omg give up xD 0.211 sec haha!


i have lag :[ hahaha


worst 1.98 best 24


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