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Best MousePad

Steelseries Qck Heavy


Steelseries Qck Heavy


Roccat Taito // Razer eXactMat control


Qpad CT


I have ROCCAT sense, it's good mousepad! :)


steelseries QCK+


Razer eXactMatXspeed


i think its qck heavy. imo is great




ss Qck mass for me




qpad CT


i like QcK heavy :D like cushion :D


qck heavy




steelpad 5L


Razer Mantis Speed for low sens :)))


I enjoy my qck heavy. Is big and comfortable.




ss qck




After using Qck, S&S, QPAD CT, Razer Mantis and Roccat Taito, i must say that TAITO is the best mousepad. It gives a very smooth glide, much better than qck!
S&S just kills your mouseglides and after a short time the area in the middle of the pad gets only worse, so it is not very durable.
Qpad Ct is not durable too. But it has a very nice surface when new. Perfect glide.
Mantis is like a carpet)
So Taito is the best pad for me now.


Razer Mantis


I want to buy a pad a have inteli 3.0 what pad is the best option whit 3.0 ?


SteelSeries QcK+ SK Gaming Edition


Cyber Snipa I have once :X


STEELSERIES fnatic edit, or zowie spawn pad


wheres razer goliathus control ?


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