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3 things

If I had to move out of town, provided that you take 3 things with you, who would they?: D


Well i suppose you cant take friends/girlfriend etc


Computer, microwave, ipod touch


Mobile phone, blow up air doll, cleans pants


I'd take it with me: girlfriend, PC and pen charmed xD


PC girlfriend ipod


mobile phone, laptop, big speakers.

ofcourse i would need food, cloths and my fiancé too :)


Aah yeah ill change big speakers to one of those, erhm what you call it in english, bed things which u can hang from one tree to another. :D But i would need a better laptop then i have now! Better speakers in it.


Laptop, Cigarettes, and my bed.


The ones that mencioned girlfriend!(even threat starter) supposely you cant! your girlfriend isnt a "thing" XD


i would take money =)


I would take only money,laptop and mobile.


phone, cigarettes, wallet


A winning ticket of the lottery, my beloved wife, my ass.


laptop, mobile, money... This is simply awesome: "...3 THINGS you would take..." and " girlfriend..." :D


PC, money and Mobile


pc with cs , battlefield 2 , COD 4 ..., money and my skate for don't bore


wallet, cellphone, and my girl(it's not a thing but well) :)


house (with stuff inside), electrical generator, then the girl...

anything else i need? nope xD


laptop, mobile phone, wallet )




wtf, no friends O.o?!


wallet, beer, bed


my mobilephone, credit card, iPod


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