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The most difficult game ever !

you guys can try it here :

and tell me what do you think about that game.

Trust me, it's the most difficult game of the world


starcraft > that


quite hard i got to level 10, 300 deaths and gave up =]


hum final fantasy? hum? Boozywoozy?


Level 8, Snubby Land 8/30 :) 136 deaths, this stage is too hard...


Have you played Owata? Or Syobon Action? Now THAT'S what I call a hard to complete game. :)
Oh, or maybe IWBTG.




I gave up at level 16 :|


you gotta be patient to finish this game... not for me :)




level 10 did it for me. well i think i could passa t least that 10 but not in the mood for trying-.- 129deaths at level10..


hey robocop that miniclip game is fucked up:(...


did any one finish this game ?


8 lv...


Level 23 ; ) ... maybe I can beat Level 30 but I don't have any time now .. I will tried when I came home ...


amazing !!


yeah starcraft is pretty hard.
thats only rts game that i never complete its campaign




just terren i mean


ah ok then you are cool!


hahaha lol


Level 16... 137 deaths... gave up


my fraind was playing it for a week and he finished it with 20 deads :) Not so hard, you must be enough intelligent :)


yes, you must be intelligent to get the moving-system and you must have the ability to do everything correctly in the fast time v.v. :|


i dont think your fraind is intelligant enough...


It requires reflexes.. mostly. But yes, you must think logically, if you wish to succeed in beating this game.


was pretty funny!


dude, i tried like 5 mins, and then I figured out I was loosing my time, so I played CS -.-'


which level do you get within 5 mins ?


the difficulty is to not going insane because of the crappy BGmusic...


level 22 oO 5 hours of work :D fcuk this game!!!


level 6. 131 deaths


I don't know


got to level 8 at school!


Level 17 and it's so hard :|


hAHAH so hard!!


That thing is like when you get a rubix cube when you first try it. You get so frustrated with it, you want to break a window, and you still continue to solve it


only 17


The hardest game ever was "The lion King" for mega drive


plx wrote:
Real life > any game :|

really ? have you passed this game Oo


final fantasy


Quake Live.


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