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cs:source or cs 1.6?

What you prefer more cs:source or cs 1.6???


1.6. btw this is a pointless thread.


1.6 of course.. source is shit


#3 why? :D


cs 1.6 ofc bro ...

cs source is a really shit


And what messages when 1.6 expire?


shooting in source sucks


It is little other shooting mna but according to the source performed better ..


source lacks the gameplay of 1.6; source all you do is spray, source crouch takes too long, source has random hitboxes, source nades are thrown way too fast, source jumping is weird

1.6 forever


i like both but i play 1.6




lol what question -.-

1.6 of course dude ;)


1.6 for sure )


1.6 ofc !


one point six


cs 1.6


css, 1.6 will die soon ul.


You are wrong bro ;D

1.6 rules forever ^^




1.6 is the best source is for brainless lowbobs :)


cs 1.6 for ever !!!!


source sux big time....onepointsix ftw!


1.6 only


yea i play both sauce and onepointsux...

hard to say because they both have their advantages




ofc 1.6. dont ask stupid questions :|


1.6. Source is 2 easy :D


Counter-strike 1.6 for SURE!


1.6 powaaaaaaaaa


cs 1.6 is winer


1.6 ofc i dont like source


both. but 1.6 is a lill bit better


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