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SK 1st organization in the world

The last results show us who is the best organization in the world:

ESWC Masters Athens Quake III : SK|rapha 1st.
EM III Global Challenge Montreal : SK.EU PVP 1st.
ESWC Masters Athens Warcraft III : SK|Lyn 1st.
EM III Global Challenge Montreal Counter-Strike : 2nd.




nice weekend for sk







but the best thing about e-sports is, one week you are the best team, next week you could lose to fnatic =P (its unpredictable)


well gaming is random any type of games.
SK is doing wery well!


nooo i meant e-sport, asin computer sports compared to physical sports
physical sports are usually more predictable (usually) but of course it depends which sport
yeah i know SK is doing very well and im glad that they are in form, good to watch


nice nice


Wouldn't say "best" cause it's kinda rude to the organisations/teams but SK-Gaming are currently in the leading position in the community. =D


- woops that was a reply to nasu gone wrong
soz double post (need edit puhlease)


Been the best for a long time =D!


completely agree )


good job SK :)


ofc !


Gj SK !




good job SK :)


love sk


gj mates


Go Go Go!!! SK:D


SK best, cmon guys!)


Just as planned...


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