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How i can get a better rank?

Hi, how i can get a better rank?

i have a lot of visits, some "friends", many videos with many visits, a gallery, gb entrys, cfg downloads....but i dont get a rank!!!^^

pls help :)


At the beginning my rank went up like crazy and now it won't move :D

it seems like it is random :D


As you know you've got to have lots of visitors and you already had, but the most interesting thing is that it seems the ranking system doesn't work correctly, i hope it fixes as soon as possible ;)


obvs sk gaming addicts


okay thank you, its a "bug" from the page :)


the update comes every i know that^^


Making good comments and receiving thmbs up ;)
Mainly (get +10 with this one)


Ranking system explained:

Member XP is calculated using a formula which sums up their activity on the site. Members are then ranked based on their XP.

There are many ways to level up:

* Filling your profile
* Being online longer
* Giving thumbs to comments and also getting thumbs up for your own comments
* Uploading content such as blogs, albums, videos (popularity is also important!)
* Using SK betting system and winning bets
* Reading and posting comments
* Voting on polls
* ..and more

Note: Deleted comments reduce XP much more than you get for posting comment, so don't spam!


same as forwin:) btw are you sk addicted ?


keep the good rank up =D ;)


As everyone already said, check the member page :)


gl hf :D


like that!


actually you're getting thubs down, so you're ranking down =)


Only reason why i have a high rank is that i own one popular group :/ So do that; make a group and make it a good one!


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