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Hello i`m new here

Hello, I'm a new member of Sk Gaming (not pro or anything) but i just wanted to introduce my self, my name is Ruffe and I'm from Finland and i live in Canada, about 400-km from vancouver,I'm soon 16 and going to start getting my drivers license and hopefully soon start driving without parents drive me around (hopefully no crashes)

I been playing wow since start, been playing a rogue and a paladin, i been having a break because it`s getting boring bla bla bla,
I been also playing Css, for 3 years, i just haven`t played in month or 2 as i been in vacations

This is just to tell a bit about my self, probably most people don`t care :)




Hi man!
Welcome :)


Why did you upload a picture of your sister?


Welcome :)


welcome dude :)


welcome dude, have a nice stay in here :)


Yeah, welcome :)


just have fun


huh no flames? am i dreaming? ;D

btw welcome mate!


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